10 Best Abs Exercises at Home for Flat Stomach

The Best Time To Get Fit

Some people love it, some hate it. Summertime.

Who Else Wants To Know About The Top 7 Types Of Cardio Fitness Training?

Cardio exercises bring up the heart rate prompting the burning of fats stored in the body to provide energy to the muscles. More oxygen is provided to the body due to increased blood circulation reducing the risk of a number of diseases and medical conditions, such as, heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers too. There are different types of cardio exercises that one can do to remain fit, healthy and have more energy for daily activities. It is crucial to get the go ahead from your doctor before beginning an exercise program if you have a medical condition or expecting a baby. The top 7 cardio fitness training include:

The Bench Press Is Not the King of the Chest Exercises

The bench press is the single most popular traditional resistance training exercise in the world. You could go into the most rudimentary of gyms in the deepest, darkest regions of the Congo and you will find a bench press. It’s usually the first piece of equipment that guys buy when they start training at home. Should you happen to train in a commercial fitness center, your worthiness, in terms of strength, is often related to your capacity to perform the exercise with substantial resistance. Being able to bench a ton of weight is a badge of honor and is highly prized, establishing one’s status in the gym world pecking order. As such, the bench press has the reputation of being the most revered resistance training exercise in the gym. But, does it deserve that reputation?

Improve Hand Grip Strength

Have you ever tried lifting something off the floor, but found it too difficult to even grip the object? Do you feel pain and weakness when you turn doorknobs or when you drive for long periods of time? If you said yes to any of these questions then it is possible that you are suffering from low grip strength.

Get Toned Abs Now – Start Working Out Stubborn Belly Fat

A strong and toned core is the key to good health and good looks. And, the secret to it lies in exercising regularly. Crunches are hailed as the best exercise to condition the abdominal muscles, but they are not the only ones. Given is a list of the 7 best ab exercises. When used in combination, they offer intensity, variety and challenge making it the best workout to burn and shape up stubborn belly fat.

The 3 Best Exercise Techniques To Lose Belly Fat

The secret of how burn belly fat is to build a strong body so that stubborn belly fat will eventually go away for good. By doing regular, varied and correct forms of exercise you can have a healthy, toned, tight physique.

Is Exercise Always The Best Option?

Personal trainer from Swansea Richard Clarke talks about the dangers of combining exercise and a poor diet. He explains how eating badly while performing a certain type of exercise can lead to weight gain.

Six Pack Abs Truth: 5 Reasons Why Your Abs Are Not Growing

It is sad to know that there are people who would do hundreds of belly crunches a week or spend thousands of dollars on muscle building training programs that don’t work. The effort and money often go to waste and the victim always tends to be the misinformed one who only wishes to build abs fast – you.

What Are The Health Benefits And Risks Of Riding A Bicycle

Riding a bicycle is a fun and rewarding way to exercise. It has many health benefits, but there are risks to bicycle riding as well. Here are the health risks and benefits to riding a bike. Health Risks of Riding a Bike Even the most experienced bike rider can have a fall. This can cause a minor scrape of the knee to even more serious injuries like broken bones or even head injuries. This is why it’s important to wear a helmet and other protective gear. Accidents do happen, but the key will be mitigating the damages with proper protective gear.

Ronda Rousey Workout And Diet

Gone are the days when women’s MMA used to be dominated by masculinity. With the presence of pretty looking and long-haired champions, MMA has become quite a popular sport. Ronda Rousey is one of such tough champions. Having made her professional debut in MMA in March 2011, she has seven wins from armbar submission so far, as reports the media. Recently, Ronda became the first woman to ever win an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) competition against Liz Carmouche. So what is ronda rousey workout and diet that enables her to accomplish all these?

Robert Griffin III Workout

The focus of RGIII’s workout is mainly on explosive movements achieved with heavyweights and low-count reps; they comprise of rigorous, laborious movements meant for exercising the entire body challenging not only his power but conditioning and will as well simultaneously. The exercises can help turn low performing individuals to become fast performers. Here are the exercises.

Julie Foucher Crossfit Workout

Before we delve into the Julie Foucher Crossfit workout, it might do us some good to first review what Crossfit is, and what is required before you start doing even one Crossfit workout. Crossfit is the latest fitness workout that has managed to upstage and outshine all the other fitness training programs that you will find on the internet and on cable television. It is the first fitness program to tell interested people the truth: Crossfit is not easy, it is not simple, and it was not intended to be in the first place.

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