10 Best Exercises To Shrink Stomach Fat

Sports Injuries, Recovery and Prevention

A sport injury refers to any bruises, cuts, cramps, strains or fractures that occur during sports activities. Other painful conditions are shin splints, ligament strains and hamstring strains.

Quick Weight Loss Exercises: No Pain, No Gain

In order to achieve weight loss at a lightning pace, people will have to resort to radical measures when it comes to diet and exercise. People can turn to the radical diets and quick weight loss exercises available for those who want immediate results, but these measures will really demand a lot from the people involved. Losing weight is already challenging in itself, and if you add a time factor to the equation it becomes even more challenging.

How to Combat Obesity With Fitness Routines

Fitness and Obesity are polar opposites, this article talks about combating obesity with fitness routines. Fitness and Obesity – What is Obesity? When asked what Obesity is, the first thing that comes to mind is overweight, fat, calories, laziness and so on. Obesity is one of the easiest health related conditions to identify, but it can be one of the most difficult to treat if proper measures are not taken.

How To Bound (Not Rebound) Out Of A Break-Up Better Than Ever

Getting in shape after a break-up is a cliche, yet, it is a healthy reaction and is as much about re-connecting with and even finding ourselves, as it is about attracting another. Exercise will calm, improve mood and stimulate the brain. For those inexperienced with exercise, a Personal Trainer can guide you safely, efficiently and specifically for you.

Squash Rackets – Which One To Choose?

In order to play squash and actually hit the ball then you need a squash racket. In this article we’ll be taking a look at the different squash rackets available and how they’ve changed over the time.

Injuries Really Hurt

Injuries are not fun. The most frustrating part is that we are not able to do as much as we want to do. It can get worse if we don’t take care of the injury. When our goals are impacted, injuries really hurt.

Bored of P90X? Try the 8 Week Rushfit Training Camp And Watch the Scale Drop

Let’s face it P90X is a good program, but after you do it a couple of times it’s time to change the workouts up a little. Not that Tony is overly annoying, but come on, it has to get to you at least a little. Either way if, you want to lose weight and get a lean, muscular, body along with a new adventure, consider the RushFit Fitness Program.

Super Diets – How to Burn Fat Without Exercise

Losing weight can be tough. There are tons of weight loss fads and diets.

Electric Bicycles – The Transport of the Future

Electric bicycles are the transport of the future. We only need to look around us to see that our roads are getting more and more congested with gas guzzling cars while the air that we breath is becoming more polluted by the day. Here are a few good reasons to consider an alternative mode of transport; namely the electric bicycle or E-Bike.

The Stability Ball Pike – An Excellent Resistance Training Exercise to Build Abdominal Muscles

There is a long list of resistance training exercises that you can perform to improve posture and increase flexibility. The Stability Ball Pike is an effective resistance training workout that targets the rectus abdominis muscle. This exercise requires a great deal of muscular control, abdominal strength and body balance on your part to execute it safely.

Choosing A Good Workout Routine

When choosing a good exercise routine, it does not matter what skill level you are currently at. Just follow these easy steps.

Get The NEWSS: Exercise Makes You Smarter

Bottom line: you need to exercise. Whether you own your own business, work for someone else, or are a gentleman or lady of leisure, if you want to keep your marbles rolling around in your head, you need to develop the habit of hitting the gym…..

How to Get Rid of Chest Fat Using Three Key Principles

Learning how to get rid of chest fat properly really isn’t at all that hard. And, understanding the three core principles that follow will get you well on your way to slashing away chest fat and looking great topless on the beach.

Choose the Right Gym

Fall is here and as anyone from the Midwest knows, it doesn’t last long. That means our outdoor workout regimens will soon have to be shelved for the next five to six months (at least that’s the case here in the frozen tundra). Wisconsin winters don’t offer a great deal of outdoor workout opportunities. So now we have to look indoors to get our exercise fix.

Health and Fitness Training – The Poor Man’s Plastic Surgery

The thought of growing old and decrepit is appealing to no one. If this concerns you health and fitness training should be of the utmost importance to you. Exercise, in particular strength and cardiovascular training, is the only true fountain of youth. Many people joke that fitness is the poor man’s plastic surgery. As with many jokes, there is some truth in that statement.

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