10 Best Triceps Exercises at Home (No Weights!)

Secrets Of Recovery From Workout Nobody Is Going To Tell You

The most underestimated and most important factor of recovery is time. This can be expressed in days or hours between each workout.

Muscle And Strength Building Virtues

What does it take to build muscle and strength? Is there a specific formula required? Do I need to eat a specific way? All questions are answered in this post

The Muscle-Building Discovery For Massive Calves: Transform Those Young Calves Into Full-Grown Cows!

After years of hard work using all kinds of calf training techniques – including drop sets, negative-accentuated training, explosive movements, extended sets, burns, supersets, trisets and giant sets, escalating density training, tempo manipulation, plyometrics, unilateral training, you name it – the gains have been minimal. Adding size to these calves has been a struggle! That was until I made a very interesting discovery…

How To Build Abs Fast In The Right Way – 3 Essential Steps To Help You Get Started

I often hear people asking how to build abs fast and get ripped. And you must be wondering is there really a way to build abs fast? The answer is “YES” by following the 3-steps system below you will be on the right track to get your abs in no time. And I want to emphasize here that the fastest way is to start doing it right at the beginning.

A Guide To Basic Weightlifter Routines

Developing large muscles begins with basic bodybuilder workouts. The exercises should be performed over a period of time, with sufficient rest between exercises. Eating well is also a key component to muscle development. Some exercises require machines found in a gym. Others can be done with a basic set of weights. It’s important to have a program in place and to keep track of progress.

Finding the Best Way To Get A Six Pack

The best way to get a six pack is a combination of discipline, diet, and exercise. Find out how you can get the shape you want in a short span of time. Read more on tips and tricks from fitness experts.

How to Make Your Buttocks Bigger: What’s Safe and What Works?

If you have a flat rear, you probably know how hard it is to fill out a pair of jeans or look your best in a swimsuit. Many people with smaller buttocks even find themselves feeling inadequate and unattractive. It can be tempting to turn to pills and other instant-fix programs in an attempt to get a bigger butt. These products and services don’t usually do much, however, and they can be a real waste of money. The good news is that if you’re interested in making your bottom bigger, there are a few options that can help you fill out your figure safely and effectively.

Weight Lifting Success and Its Dependence on Human Growth Hormone

Today it’s not uncommon to hear those involved in weight lifting start talking about human growth hormone. There’s a reason weight lifters are interested in growth hormone. Some studies are actually showing that this hormone may be helping lifters see even better results in the weight room. While the body produces some of this hormone on its own, some weight lifters are choosing to supplement what their body makes with a supplement. The following is some helpful information on human growth hormone and its impact on weight lifting.

Build Lean Muscle While Losing Fat With HGH

The media has covered human growth hormone (HGH) use by professional athletes in an effort to develop increased muscle mass. The fact is, HGH is commonly used by many bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts, and is banned by most sporting leagues and many bodybuilding competitions. The reason? Because HGH works and provides an unfair advantage in competition!

Women Bodybuilders Diet – The Key to a Lean Healthy Womanly Form

Young or old, there’s no limit to what the modern woman can do when she sets her mind to it – whether it’s getting to the top in her profession of choice or undergoing women bodybuilders diet plans. Women nowadays are much more enlightened on the idea of self-betterment and a holistic personal development, which is why more and more females seem to be entering training programs aimed at building their bodies into leaner, fitter examples of the healthy, urban female.

Bodybuilders Nutrition for Optimum Bodybuilding

Bodybuilder’s nutrition – what’s the first thing that you are taught in grade school under the basic subject of nutrition? Usually, it’s the categories of food and what they give, such as go, grow and glow foods. Children learn things like bread is a go food because it falls under carbohydrates which gives our bodies energy and that too much sweets is not good because our systems need a balanced diet.

The Truths About Female Muscle Building

When you think about building muscle, the first thing that usually comes to mind is an attractive male in the gym pumping large amounts of iron. While this thought is true, there are also a large number of women who are interested in female muscle building. Female body builders do have an uphill battle against nature due to the way estrogen functions in the body, but with hard work and dedication, a muscular you is only a dumbbell away.

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