10 Foods You Never Knew Had THIS Much Protein!

The Role of Calories in Muscle Building

Most people often have the erroneous belief that calories are bad in muscle building. In fact, many individuals even go so far as to strive to reduce their caloric intake. Truth to tell, however, you need the calories because these are the ones that actually keep your body working.

Building Muscle – Everything You Need To Now About Muscle Building and How To Get Started

When it comes to building muscle there is so much information out there, and even more varying views. It is very easy for someone to get caught up or even confused, heck, some of my friends just gave up telling me that “they didn’t know where to start because there was simply too much information out there, and so, I decided to write this articles for my friends, but also for you, reader, the one reading it right now who wants to learn about building muscle. I’ll try to list all I know and learned over the years…

A Bodybuilding Diet – Food For Fuel

A bodybuilding diet will always aim for high protein foods designed to increase muscle mass and definition. It won’t work alone however, you must combine with a great workout plan.

Sicilian Volume Training: A Program You Can’t Refuse!

There are many excellent “volume” routines out there, but who can forget that July 1996 issue of Muscle Media 2000 when Charles Poliquin introduced German Volume Training? MM2K was quite a magazine at the time and GVT was (and still is) one hell of a program! I know I made some great gains from it and I continue to use it periodically with clients. Here are some more volume training routines that are guaranteed to put on some serious muscle!

The 21st Century Superset Rendition: A Modern Twist on a Classic Method!

Over the years, various techniques have been advanced in strength training. Some have merit; many do not! Partials conducted in the strongest range for an extended period of time is one “antiquated” example. This was advocated as a method to increase the amount of work performed in a given unit of time. Such training would be superior to all others if we only considered half of the work equation. The problem, of course, is that work is equal to force times distance. Sure, you may be able to bench 405 pounds for 3 or 4 inches, but compare that to 315 pounds for 18 to 20 inches, and then tell me who performs more work. Go ahead, do the math! Techniques that actually produce results will stand the test of time; others will simply fade away. The superset is a classic method that has been used “successfully” for decades. Today, I’ll present you with four superset versions (agonist, antagonist, pre-exhaustion, and post-exhaustion) in one routine. This system works well for both hypertrophy and body composition changes – in other words, to get you big and lean at the same time!

Gain More Muscle by Training Less

The more work you put into something, the greater results you will accomplish. This is true except for building muscle – read on to learn how spending less time in the gym will make you actually bigger and stronger.

Top 4 Workout Techniques to Build Quick Muscle Mass

Some of the best workouts to build muscle fast are focused on creating a shock in the metabolism that forces the body to respond by growing. The optimal workout must consist in a combination of 4 essential techniques: full body exercises, explosive movements, muscle confusion, and eliminating momentum. Let’s go over these items and identify their importance

Building Muscle Using Squats

The squat is one of the cornerstones of a good weight lifting program. It is a highly effective exercise that works nearly all the muscles in your legs and buttocks to varying degrees. Squatting can help you greatly increase your leg strength.

Building Muscle – The Best Butt Workout

When looking to find a good workout for the buttocks, there are many exercises to do. For men and women the movements are the same as well the exercises. Though women should focus more on varying the movements for better progress.

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle and How It Can Change Your Life

I never really get why celebrities shield themselves from the paparazzi so much but then spend tons of time and money in the gym working out. I mean, healthy living only goes so far, I think they do it because they WANT the attention. They go to the gym so much because they know, no matter how much people say they don’t judge based on appearance, we all still do it every day.

4 Weight Gaining Principles

Maintaining a healthy weight is not easy for many people, and this is especially true nowadays, as we are constantly bombarded with unhealthy foods and products, making the right nutrition choices can become difficult. Gaining weight naturally can be simple if you only follow a few steps with lots discipline: Eat the right amount of calories, consume the right kind of nutrients, maintain a disciplined progressive workout routine, and balance the time you are engaging activity and resting. Let’s go over these concepts in depth.

Finding the Best Body Building Diet to Build Muscle Fast

If you are looking to increase body mass, then the most important factor is going to be your diet. Let me tell you a story of how I turned from being permanently skinny to having a physique that I always wanted. I was a member of a gym for a year, and I diligently went 3 times a week, did my split routine, spent my time on the bench press, and curl rack, but it didn’t make much of a difference.

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