10 MIN STANDING LEGS PILATES – Butt, Thighs & Calves / flowy, slow & intense I No Equipment

How to Look Younger With Facial Exercises

Learn about one of the most effective ways to keep your face looking young. You can lose face fat and “sculpt” your face. Most of us want to have an attractive, young looking face. We feel that this helps to make the right impression on people. Besides, we like to see an attractive face when we look in the mirror. However, no matter how attractive we are when we are young, there comes a time when we begin to show signs of aging. Our skin becomes dry and wrinkle and our cheeks begin to sag. That face we saw in the mirror is no longer attractive. There is a solution to this. It is called facial exercises.

Get Bigger Biceps With Reverse Pull-Ups

Let’s be honest, pretty much all guys that lift weights want bigger biceps. There’s no rhyme or reason to this desire either, the biceps don’t do much in our everyday activities except look good. An often overlooked exercise to target the biceps is called the reverse pull-up (also known as the reverse chin-up).

The Best Fitness Equipment for Exercising at Home

Throughout my posts you will often hear me talking about training in a place called ‘The Pit’. To put it simply The Pit is my gym I have set up in the garage of my home. I don’t know how I came up with the name, but it has stuck. I think naming it was my way of feeling like I am a member of a gym. I now have my mates and Mrs. Niko calling it The Pit.

Why You Need Sports Specific Weight Training

Decades ago, weight training was not used in any type of athletic program. Today, every pro and college team of every major sport has a strength coach. If your opponent is using weight training to help them excel in their sport, you should be also weight training.

Best Lower Abdominal Workout – Acquiring That Sexy Six-Pack Abs

How do superstars and models develop their sexy bodies? Are there any workouts capable of creating those ideal curves and sexy abs for you? Get the answers right here in this article.

P90X Review – Shoulders and Arms

Are you trying to get stronger, sexier arms? Look no further than the P90X Shoulders and Arms routine. Doing this workout consistently will give you the results you are looking for!

Lessons From the World of Sport and How to Increase Workplace Engagement

Just like athletes, we all want to perform at our best in our chosen field. Here are some key pointers that are crucial to peak athletic performance and that can be invaluable for all those wanting to make the most effective lifestyle choices and get great physical and mental results every day.

Excessive Sweating Can Be Stopped With Determination

When someone has an excessive sweating issue, it takes a lot of determination and motivation to change his or her lifestyle to stop the problem. Most people are embarrassed to talk about their sweating sickness problem but it doesn’t have to be embarrassing. There is hope for people who sweat a lot, but it takes a lot of hard work and some lifestyle changes to do so.

Physiotherapy Based Pilates Lessons

Physiotherapy and Pilates go hand in hand and are a match made in heaven. The two are highly similar and you will find that combining them makes a lot of logical sense and can help you to develop a stronger back and mid section, more definition in your legs, buttocks and other areas and less pain in your daily life.

Stretching For Women: PNF

Stretching is one of the most popular activities for active women. It’s very important to know how and when to do it, and what time of stretching is best.

Benefits of Weight (Or Resistance) Training

Many people think of training with weights (also known as resistance training) as something that is only for someone that wants to grow big muscles. The truth is that weight training is great for people who want a slim and toned body and it also has far more benefits than most people realise. Here are some of those benefits.

How Do I Know If I Am Over Training?

Are you a gym junkie? Do you workout 6-7 days a week? Do you not feel satisfied unless your workout sessions grueling and long? The saying “the more the better” may not always apply when it comes to exercise. In fact, you may be doing more damage than good!

How To Get Toned in 3 Simple Steps

If you are frustrated with how you look, yet are working hard to reach your goals, chances are there’s something you aren’t doing right. It could be a number or reasons from your workout routine to your diet. So, if you are not seeing the results you desire and wondering how to get toned here are 3 simple things you could start implementing into your routine right away so that you can look better and feel better in no time!

Eat for Satisfaction and Exercise to Lose

Eat what you love but, don’t eat too much unless you are going to work it out. It’s like work, the more mess you make the more you have to clean up.

P90X Tips For Success

Ever wondered how people get really great results with P90X? Here a few tips to help you have success in your body transformation.

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