10 Minute Dumbbell Biceps & Forearms Workout!

Cardio Workouts That Also Strengthen and Tone Your Arms

Yes, you can get lean, strong and sexy arms while burning fat with cardio workouts. Grab a jump rope or some dumbbells to burn fat and tone your arms at the same time.

Best Butt Exercises To Get In Shape Fast

Most women want to find out the secret to getting a nice firm butt. There are certain exercises that you can do that will give you that tight sexy butt. Who doesn’t want to be in the best shape possible?

Jumping Rope – Can I Lose Weight Jumping Rope?

Jumping or skipping rope for exercise is a great way to get in some cardio. Cardio is what helps your muscles burn fat in order to lose weight.

The Incredible Efficiency Of Metabolic Resistance Exercises

If you’re like many and searching for that ultra effective workout through various sources, you may end up on the wrong side of confusion. Perhaps you read a book which states the best way to work out. Maybe a recent magazine article told you something else, or what about the trainer at the gym down the road, didn’t he recommend a completely different approach?

Walking Is Good for Osteoarthritis

Walking can help people lessen the pain brought about by osteoarthritis.   The pain brought about by osteoarthritis should not discourage you.  The pain should not stop you from walking.

Breaking Plateau With a Versatile Equipment

Once your body achieves the necessary physical adaptations to deal with the workload you challenge with it, it stops growing. What you have to do is “trick” or push your body into needing more muscle.

Health Benefits of Road Biking

These days you are always hearing health related stories about weight loss or the newest exercise fad. Why buy into any of these? They are always going to be changing and something new is always going to come out.

Zumba DVDs – Undoubtedly The Best Exercise DVDs To Help You Lose Weight

Zumba DVDs will provide you a home exercise routine that will get you in shape and at the same time having fun doing it. Zumba incorporates exciting zumba music and dance moves which just burn away those extra calories in your body. It is an energetic fitness program involving exciting dance routines.

How To Make Exercise A Long-Term Practice

You too can commit to making exercise apart of your life for the long term. That is the goal, not weight loss, not body building, not dieting, it is discipline through commitment.

5 Top Injury Prevention Tips For Runners

Plagued by injury, runners seem to suffer more than any other sports people. Impact, over-use and acute lower limb injuries cause endless frustration to many runners. As a personal trainer it is my job to show you how to prevent these injuries so in this article I provide 5 methods to prevent sports injuries for runners. By following these five top tips you will massively reduce your risk of injury and avoid all the painful frustrations too. Too many runners do not follow this advice and end up on the physiotherapy treatment bench. So please read on to avoid unnecessary sports injuries and have a healthy and successful running career.

Forefoot Running and Calf Pain

It’s not unusual for runners who are transitioning from a heel-striking running style to more of a forefoot or midfoot striking style to feel tightness and sometimes pain in the calves. While this is widely accepted as “normal” and “par for the course” in early stages of running with this new technique, it’s obviously not desirable!

How To Maximize Your Fitness Exercise Program

Like building a new house, you need a blueprint. Same goes for designing your new body! The greater work you put into your blueprint, the greater chance you’ll have of getting that new body faster. Did you know it can take 66 days to actually create a new habit? Let’s look at some key steps in creating your fitness challenge.

Stay Healthy With These 7 Quick Fitness Tips

Most people are occupied with their time going to their respective gyms to do different workouts and fitness exercises that will help them stay fit and healthy. There are varied reasons why a person is enrolling in a particular gym. There are individuals who would like to gain weight by building some muscles in their bodies, and there are also individuals who think that going regularly to the gyms will make them achieve their dream body.

Kickboxing for a Killer Workout

Tired of doing the same old sit-ups again and again? Has working out gone from having fun to getting bored? Despite working out religiously your body seems to be exactly the same? Maybe it’s time to spice things up a bit. Anything done regularly makes you feel like you are stuck in a rut after a while. Writers need to get over writer’s block while others even consider changing jobs. If you feel the same stagnation with your workout, it’s time you made a change. Try kickboxing to completely change the rhythm of your workout. Here are some tips to get you going.

12 Programs That Burst the Boredom of at Home Workouts

If you could take the boredom out of at home workouts, don’t you think that you would not only workout more often, but that you would enjoy it more as well, creating faster results for yourself? Check out this list of 12 at home workouts that are not only the opposite of boring, but that are also incredibly effective at creating weight loss.

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