10 Minute Dumbbell Triceps Workout (Build & Burn) #1

Get in Shape

How can one lose weight and/or get in shape? Here are some thoughts and programs to help anyone.

Quick Ab Workout to Shape Up for Summer

Who doesn’t want sexy abs, especially as summer is upon us? Being that many of us are scrunched for time, getting in a quick ab workout is definitely the way to go for a tighter more toned belly. So be sure to follow the workout below to look great in that tiny bikini or shorts this summer!

Advantages of Kettlebell Training

There are numerous advantages of kettlebell training, both mental and physical benefits. Below is a list of a few of the benefits of kettlebell workouts. There are a ton of different health benefits of kettlebell training.

Who Is KB Training Suitable For?

Kettlebells can be a little difficult to look at. They have a strange shape, looking like something that came out of the middle ages, or better yet, the Stone Age! But really, kettlebell workouts can and should be done by just about anyone.

Cut Your Exercise Time in Half!

Want to know how to cut your exercise time in half? Combine some exercises that you are doing separately now but can easily work together equaling less time in the gym without compromising your routine and form. Read on to see how.

Practical Reasons to Try Kettlebell Workouts

Save money by skipping recurring fees Kettlebells could be as cheap as $1 per pound so that you can get a beginner KB for 25 to 35 dollars, where a monthly health club membership may cost you $30 to $150 dollars (or $360 to $1,800 annually). Talk about a great savings! You may exercise anywhere and anytime One of the great advantages of kettlebell exercise is that you may do it anywhere.

Desk Stretches – Take a Break and Stretch

Office work is part of our lives. Millions of people sit at their desks for hours and can use an active break to stretch their muscles and get energized again before getting back to work. In this article, I’ll get you to take a break and stretch out your body. You may think it’s not practical but it’s actually really easy to do and has lots of benefit for your concentration, energy level, and physical function.

Effective and Cheaper Ways to Look Leaner

Sad though it is, we live in a very judgemental world and most of that judgement springs from the way you look and present yourself. Whether you like it or not, vanity plays a big part in human life. However, whether it is looks or fitness that concerns you, you should remember that hitting the gym most days of the week will form a part of the solution. If you ask me, a better solution is practising ‘active lifestyle’. Going to the gym is but one part of the bigger picture of active lifestyle.

Why You Need to Stretch on a Regular Basis

What is the importance of stretching to your health and well being? Why are stretches necessary? Here are some of the main reasons why stretching needs to be a part of your daily routine.

The Best Warm Up Exercises Before Workout

Are you still doing the classic ‘take a lap and stretch’ warm-up before your training sessions? If so, a change in your warm-up strategy could mean big improvements in your training progress.

Benefits of Running Barefoot

Have you ever considered running barefoot? No? Maybe it is because of the lack of awareness regarding the benefits of barefoot running. When the human body evolved several thousand years ago, it developed in accordance to the surroundings. They did not, therefore, develop for cushioned shoes, but for barefoot running. Our feet are very good at absorbing the shock while landing, and wearing running shoes actually puts these foot muscles out of use. As a result, they become weak, and susceptible to injuries and pain.

Mastering The Kettlebell Snatch

The snatch is one of the best exercises around for building world-class conditioning with kettlebells. However, learning and mastering proper technique in this exercise can be very tricky. By breaking the movement down into three steps, we can drastically cut the learning curve and help you learn how to do the movement efficiently and effectively in as fast a time as humanly possible!

Bodyweight Training – Back Pack Training for Building Great Strength

Want to switch up the bodyweight training? Try some back pack training. It’s pretty simple; all you need is a strong back pack and add some weight and you have a tool for building great overall body strength.

Develop Your Abs With the Abdominal Dragon Flags

Rectus Abdominis, also known as abdominals or simply abs, make the most important muscle group to train as well-built and strong abs lead to a more powerful and an attractive overall physique. Abdominal Dragon Flags is an effective resistance training exercise that helps shed fat from your abdominal region and tones abs.

Exercise for Older People

Older people in Singapore and Asia have certain perceptions about exercise and have yet to discover the benefits of doing Pilates. Pilates is a system of exercise well suited for seniors regardless of their health condition.

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