10 Steps to get Perfect Abs (Science-Based)

Workouts On the Go – 10 Tips for Fitness Survival While on the Road

Workouts on the go can be difficult due to time constraints, insufficient workout space and new surroundings. Find out how to prepare for workouts on the road and the best ways to stay fit while traveling.

Why High Intensity Cardio Is Better Than Low Intensity Cardio

In this article I will explain the misleading information out there about high intensity cardio workouts. Remember before starting any fitness program always consult your physician. Before we get started you will need to know your resting heart rate.Here is what you will need to know to figure out you heart rate range.

Washboard Abs In Time For Summer

With warm weather here many people are turning their attention to their midsection. The average person may want washboard abs for those hot summer months, but getting there takes more than just doing crunches or situps.

Calisthenic Workouts – Reasons for Bodyweight Training

Today I will help you understand more about Calisthenic Workouts. You will be able to start your own physical transformation and get in the best shape of your life. Why should you do Calisthenics? Why should you train?

Keeping Your Body Fit And Healthy Without Spending Too Much

To keep their bodies fit, many people go to the gym and exercise. This means that there is nothing wrong with going to the gym if you really want to. In fact it is a good idea because you will be provided with all the necessary equipment and an instructor to provide you with the assistance that you need. However, this may not be a very practical option for you especially if you are very busy with your job and you do not have enough time to go to the gym.

Diet And Workout Tips For Women

Most of the weight loss tips for women are centered around dieting and doesn’t take into account the busy lifestyles that women have with working and coming home taking care of the family and the restricted amount of time they have available for cooking a healthy meal. Here are some tips that women can use and implement into their busy schedules.

Bodyweight Training – It’s Your Lack of a Plan and Limitations That Cripple YOU!

How can a man at 61 get stronger? Isn’t this an excuse for most men, no time or I’m too old? Yet I continue to get responses for men in their 40′s all the way to their 70′s, but how can these men make progress and most men or even kids fail to keep with an exercise program and fail to make any real improvements?

The Three Main Types of Exercise

It is undeniable that exercise offers a lot of benefits especially when it comes to the physical aspect. The word exercise automatically creates a picture in our mind that has something to do physical activities. By doing different types of exercise, you are making your body healthy and fit. But this does not only pertain to your physical aspect, exercise also contributes in improving your mental health. In other words, exercise improves your overall health condition. This is just among the main reasons why people exercise.

Weight Training: Not Just for Women

When you enter a gym and walk over to the free weights section, you will mostly see more men than women. In my personal opinion, I feel this is unfortunate because women can benefit as much from weight and resistance training as men.

Protect Your Heart and Help Fight Stress With Exercise

Most of us by now know that exercise helps us lose weight, lowers blood cholesterol and benefits the heart. It also helps decrease the risks of diabetes, but a small amount of people realize that exercise can also reduce stress.

How Are Health and Wealth Related?

Does having good health make you richer? Does it even matter if you are healthy in order to get rich? How does the Body effect the mind and visa-versa…

Bodyweight Training – The Most Important Element to Training Excellence

There are a few reasons why so many people fall short of their fitness goals. A big one is having no idea why they are training. If your goal is to get “Toned” you are in for trouble. Have you ever heard someone say I just want to get toned? They never follow through. Toned is not a real goal.

Simple and Effective Exercises to Improve Your Balance

Did you ever walk along a fence rail or hop across stones in a stream when you were a kid? You had great balance back then. Improve your balance and core strength with a few easy to do exercises.

Core Training For The Not So Buff

Right along with aerobic exercise is core training for your core or essential muscles that run the length of your body, include the abdominal and those that surrounds the hips. Keeping your core in shape can be a fun as well as a beneficial time of exercise provided you are using exercise equipment that aids in your exercise time.

Toning Thighs: What to Do to Get Incredible Thighs

Women wear dresses and men don’t. This is one of the biggest reasons why many women are concerned about toning their thighs and also making them look thinner. Women are also judged more on their outward appearance so emphasis is placed on wanting to improve areas deemed less than desirable.

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