12 min FULL BODY HIIT (No Jumping, No Repeat Fat Burning Workout)

An Honest Pre-Workout Supplement Review: Platinum PRE (7/10)

An honest user review of the new pre-workout supplement called Platinum Pre. Honest reviews can be hard to come by sometimes! Platinum Pre is made by Optimum Nutrition.

Things You Need to Know About Pre-Workout Supplements

In order to get the best results from your bodybuilding efforts, you need to start with good pre-workout supplements to set you on the right track. However, not many bodybuilders understand what pre-workout supplements do and how to get the best ones for them. Read on to learn more about pre-workout supplements and what they can really do to help you get that ripped physique.

Amino Acid Supplement Benefits You Cannot Do Without

Your intra-workout supplements are just as important as your pre and post-workout supplements because for one, these dictate your training intensity and gives you all the strength, endurance and performance you need during your intense workouts to yield the best results after. Read on to learn more about the benefits a great intra-workout supplement can give.

Body Building At Home: Who Can Do It

Simply put, anyone can do body building at home. However, getting good results from it is another story. Setting up your home gym can be done at your own pace. But, there are a few basics to consider. Using the equipment correctly can make a very big difference. Plus, working as many different muscle groups as possible is equally as important.

The Best Muscle Building Split to Increase Size and Strength

If you’re looking to increase muscle size and strength then the best strength training split is actually no split. Full body workouts are the top tier and logical choice for anybody looking for “fast” gains in muscle size and strength.

Creating A Powerful and Effective Muscle Building Program

What makes an effective muscle building program? Well, it’s not all about lifting weights. A solid and efficient muscle building program will encompass various parts of the body as well as emphasize good nutrition and lifestyle habits. This is fairly standard. So, what exactly do you need to know to create a good muscle building program?

How To Train For a Mud Run

If you want to run in a mud run you need to make sure you are incorporating strength training into your workout routine. This article will give you 5 of the most basic strength exercises that you can start using right now. When you cross the finish line, on race day, you will be happy you did these.

What Does It Take to Rediscover Your Perfect Male Body?

This article is about how to get back to having a perfect male body shape. It will require you to be willing to work at it in order to lose fat and build muscle so that you are once again in proportion, feeling confident, healthy, strong and physically attractive. You should be aware that this will not happen overnight, and will require some discipline from you. A good way to go about anything like exercising and eating to get back to the body shape you want is to do it with someone else, so that you can encourage each other and keep each other on track.

The Best Way To Use Creatine

Creatine is a great supplement. I have used this in many different ways. But the best way to use creatine that I have found for building muscle is outlined in this post.

Progressive Overload – The Secret to Getting Workout Gains!

What is Progressive Overload? Why is it the ULTIMATE KEY to getting workout gains? Find out here!

Ultimate Guide To Gain Muscle Quickly

Do you ever stare at yourself in the mirror and wonder how to gain muscle quickly? Or how to build muscles in a lean body? There are a lot of people who talk about how to gain muscle quickly but as every human body is different, it is not easy for everyone to build muscles the same way.

Are You Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph?

Are you Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph? Learn how you can build the best diet and workout plan for each body type!

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