12 Stretches to Improve Flexibility

How Recover After Running Marathon Races And Run Faster

As runners we all have an aggressive and competitive edge which makes us want to jump right back into training after a big race. However, this is not advisable due to the risk associated with not giving our body the proper recovery time. Learn how to gradually condition yourself for training after a marathon so you can get back to your normal pace and eventually run faster.

Top 3 Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

Recumbent exercise bikes have pedals in front of the rider unlike upright exercise bikes that have them right under the rider. In a recumbent exercise bike, the rider needs to sit in a reclining position to use it.

What Is the Best Weight Loss and Fitness Program? The Answer Is Simple!

This article presents a simple solution to the problem of finding the best weight loss and fitness program. The solution involves adopting a lifestyle centered around a natural diet and a fitness or exercise program that includes both cardio and the five “natural” strength movements. This lifestyle will cause a person’s weight to normalize for his or her body type and can lead to a state of health and fitness that many people have never experienced before.

How Excessive Sitting Can Hurt Your Health

There have been some recent findings that are bad news for people who like to sit around a lot. Unfortunately for most of us life seems to be designed for sitting: working at a desk, watching entertainment, eating along with quite a few activities that can be regarded as inactive. Maybe the Romans were onto something when they ate in the reclined position.

How To Condition Yourself To Run Faster

When it comes down to competing in any form of running, it is not enough to join the race without any preparation. Learn proven techniques to condition yourself for reaching a greater speed in an athletic performance designed to strengthen you physically and mentally for endurance.

Easy-Routine Strategies For Maintaining Good Fitness

When it comes to physical fitness the majority is lax and not motivated enough to be concerned about making a difference in their life. It takes a strong drive of perseverance to put goals in place and then follow through with them. For those who choose to work on their fitness and improve their health, they deserve to be commended for their endurance and their fortitude. Nevertheless, everyone needs to make sure that they have the right approach to help them get started and avoid setbacks that could be injurious and disappointing. Therefore, the procedures in this article will help to increase fitness levels in a safe and easy way.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Skip Leg Day

Leg day is the most feared day in anyone’s exercise routine. With an effective plan and strategy, you can reap the rewards of your agony.

Eliminate Knee Pain and Tone Your Legs With This Secret Exercise Program

This unique and simple exercise program will sculpt your legs and eliminate knee pain. Done in the comfort of your home. It’s guaranteed none of your friends have heard of it.

Other Benefits of High Intensity Training

Lately we have heard a lot of good news about the health benefits of high intensity workouts. We have pointed out in our articles what these benefits are, but now there has been advanced a real connection between HIIT and cancer control. This simply isn’t a connection about better general health, which exercise is going to give you, but how it will help your body’s ability to fight cancer. This has to do with the interplay of myokines, which are anti-inflammatory agents, and how they affect cellular structure.

The Importance of Exercise for a Fit and Healthy Body

Nobody can deny that exercise is beneficial to one’s well-being and crucial to good health. Why then do so many people not engage in exercise actively? Why is exercise at the back of their mind instead of being a highlight of their daily routine?

It Feels Good To Be Happy

Which statement rings truer for you? 1) Feeling good makes me happy.

Some Tricky Ways to Get Your Little Ones and Teenagers Moving

The article takes a dig on how parents can get their children moving and engage them in the physical activities without them even realizing it. Furthermore, it brings out some tricky ways to make exercise an inseparable part of your kid’s daily schedule.

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