15 MIN ABS & BOOTY – on the floor, no squats/lunges (No Equipment)

The Effects of Alcohol on Bodybuilding

What is the connection between taking alcohol and building muscle? How can alcohol affect the process of building muscle? Here is some information you need to understand about the connection between taking alcohol and building muscle.

How to Gain Pure Muscle Mass Without Adding Any Body Fat

If you browse the internet forums about bodybuilding, you will find a lot of questions on how to gain weight is just as much as those on how to lose it. For most people, being skinny is identical to lack of appetite. This leads people to perceive that the ways to gain weight are eating more amount of food, eating more frequently, drink more milk, etc… It is all related to food.

Diet Solution – 3 Fat Loss Solutions To Burn Belly Fat

You’re frustrated. You’ve tried countless diet solutions but nothing seems to work. Diet doctors and workout gurus have inundated you with crazy, and down right dangerous workouts and diets. These diets and workout solutions all promise miracle results in 10 days or less. Discover how to lose the belly fat without potions, pills, or starvation diets.

Get The Lean GQ Look Rather Than The Bulky Body Builder Look

Ever see the GQ models and wonder how they get that lean muscle look? Here we’ll give you some basic tips as to how to achieve this look and NOT the body builder muscle look.

Fat Burners For Bodybuilders Can Do More Harm Than Good

Fat burners for bodybuilders flood the market with their promises of being the best at increasing the metabolism to facilitate fat loss. For many bodybuilders, the time it takes to research which is the best fat burner for their buck is out of the question. What happens, they often rely on what their gym is promoting.

Training Guidelines For Hardcore Bodybuilders

Everyone wants the body that they dream of having but for most people they don’t want to put in the hard work that comes with the results. There are a few deadlines that you have to keep in mind when you are really trying to body build, which is working out, resting and dieting. Each one of these tasks is equally important therefore you shouldn’t cheat yourself on one and try to be more dedicated on the other.

The Ultimate Workout For Building Muscle Mass

There are many different workout methods that someone can use to gain muscle mass. Most people don’t know the correct way to lift so they never get the maximum result that they can get. Muscle mass can be accomplished by a few variables like diet, rest and working out. Each one of these variables are equally important in order to gain muscle mass.

The Best Muscle Building Workouts For Bodybuilders

This article will give you some of the most basic yet, most effective muscle building workouts for bodybuilders. It will also teach you the correct form that should be executed while doing the exercises. It will also teach you how much weight you should be lifting while trying to get the bodybuilder type physique.

Analysis of the Six Pack Process

It is easy to give up trying to follow your dreams. You can imagine yourself fit and looking like a Hollywood star, but in the mirror all you can see is an ugly fat person. Everyone can dream of having a six pack, but only a small percentage make that reality. Which one will you be?

Safety Considerations During a Workout

During a workout, working hard is not enough. You must do it correctly so that you do not hurt yourself. Injuries are never worthwhile as it will disrupt your training schedule and perhaps destroy the hard work that you have put in earlier.

Journaling: A Measure of Success

They say mirrors don’t lie. But do they tell the whole truth? Mirrors may provide us a view of ourselves but they do not tell the whole story of our wellness. They leave out details like growth in strength; a better functioning digestive system; a healthier heart; an improved attitude. Plus, our reflection is subject to interpretation. If you are anything like me, you are a harsh judge of yourself. Adriaan tells me all the time that he sees something I swear I don’t see when I look in the mirror. I’m thankful he sees it but frustrated that I don’t. Ok, well, cat’s out of the bag. I have self perception issues. Don’t we all though in one way or another?

Hardcore Ab Training For Athletes

If you want six-pack abs, then pay close attention to this article. Because I’m going to show you what I believe just might be the two top ab exercises for athletes. First, let’s explain what I mean when I say ab training for athletes. I’m talking about building a set of abs that not only look good, but are functional as well. Abs that can take a punch, if you will.

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