15 min DANCER THIGH SCULPT Workout (Toned Glutes, Inner & Outer Thighs No Equipment)

Washboard Ab Workout

Utilize these five strategies to reinvigorate your midsection workouts. Train your abs with the same attention, variety and intensity you give your arms and chest, and your abs will garner so much attention on stages or beaches you’ll never ignore them again…

5 Awesome Shoulder Muscle Exercises

America is known to be “arm happy” and I’d have to agree. It’s kinda funny watching a large majority of the guys in the gym hit arms and chest every day. Next time you lift, look around and I bet you’ll notice all of the benches and preacher curl machines occupied. This habit of training your arms over everything else gives you an unbalanced look. The usual obvious sign of somebody who is “arm happy” is the notorious chicken legs, but what I’ve really been noticing lately is narrow shoulders. Having narrow shoulders will make you appear to be weak and puny. If you have massive biceps and triceps and no shoulders, you will look extremely awkward and will likely strike out if you’re competing for strange at the lake.

Back Training Tips That Get Results

I myself along with many people that I see at the gym have a really hard time developing their backs. I remember spending hours in the gym hitting every back exercise under the sun with little results. Getting a muscular back can be hard for some, and hard to monitor results since you can’t see it. Luckily I discovered these 5 essential back training habits that most body builders utilize when they engage in back training…

Killer Back and Biceps Workout

Most basic workout routines are broken into groups.  Back and Biceps, Chest and Triceps, Shoulders and Legs and so on.

Intense Workout for Your Abs – The Most Effective Ab Exercises

The abs are one of those great show off muscles, if you have a low enough body fat level you will want to make sure the abs beneath look their best. Not only do having great chiseled abs look good, but they also give you great core strength and prevent posture imbalances.

A Workout and Diet Plan for Skinny Men – To Build Muscle Mass Fast

If you are tired of being underweight and skinny the best way to bulk up effectively without just gaining a load of fat is by following a set workout and diet plan. This plan will force your muscles to grow and fuel the weight gain with a bulking up diet.

What to Eat Before an Intense Workout – Pre Workout Meal Nutrition

Getting the best possible meal in you before an intense workout is of vital importance when it comes to lifting the most weights and stimulating the most muscle mass. It is what will push you through the workout and give you all the protein, nutrients and energy your body needs to successfully perform at its best.

Weightlifting Nutrition – 5 Ways To Power Up Your Post-Workout Shake

You’ve hit the gym hard and need to make up your post-workout shake. As a serious weightlifter you know that your post-workout shake is as important as your weightlifting, and you understand the need for healthy nutrition when trying to build lean muscle.

P90X Workout – Best Practices: Where to Begin

So you’ve decided to try the P90X workout series? If you’re not sure where to begin, this article will lay out P90X workout best practices to start you off on the right path. If you follow these steps, you will be well on your way to reshaping your body and getting ripped in 90 days total.

About ChaLEAN Extreme Workouts

The program makes use of the Lean Phasing system devised by Chalene. This has been proven to get the metabolism moving by making it burn fat through resistance training rather than a cardio workout.

Body Beast Workout Program – Not for the Feint-Hearted!

The Body Beast Workout Program from Team Beachbody is designed for those who want to build muscle. This 90 day program could see you packing on as much as 10 lbs of muscle with its professional-level workouts. The program has been put together by Sagi Kalev and makes use of all the latest scientific knowledge to create a workout that will build the muscle tone that you want and cut down on fat at the same time.

Gain Muscle Strength to Gain Muscle Size

One of the most common questions I get asked from my Personal Training clients is, “How do I get bigger _____?” Whether it’s bigger biceps, bigger shoulders, chest, or legs;  my answer is always LIFT HEAVY and LIFT OFTEN!

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