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When You Have No Time To Practice Your Tai Chi Chuan Form

People who play tai chi have the same complaints as anyone else about why they can’t practice. And you know what? Sometimes it’s not just an excuse – sometimes it’s true. But what few people know is that tai chi is one of those practices that can let you “sneak” practice time into your daily life – yes – even if you’re in the middle of a meeting or in rush hour traffic!

11 Easy Ways To Look Like A Fitness Model

How many times have you passed the magazine rack at your local grocery store and seen those super strong sexy women bouncing off the pages of Oxygen, Self, Women’s Health, and Fitness Rx Magazines? I know I get pulled into their trance and usually end up buying a few of those magazines to find out the dark secrets that allow these women to get the look that every real life woman dreams about. Here are a few secrets I found out that I have begun to implement into my own lifestyle and have seen amazing changes.

Insanity: The Most Effective Cardio Workout, Period!

So you want to look good, and you want to do it fast. Insanity could be the program for you. IF you can dedicate yourself to changing everything about your health, then keep reading. You will learn what Insanity is, what it is not, and how to be successful in completing the program.

Beginner’s Strength Training Guidelines and Tips

An article covering the basics of strength training for beginners. Covers some fundamental principles such as training specificity, benefits of strength training, what it is and how it works, and more.

Feeling Sick, Should I Workout?

We all get sick sometimes. How do you know if it is OK to workout? This article gives you some guidelines.

20 Tips to Get Toned Arms Faster

Your biceps are the strongest of all arm muscles and make a great curve just above the elbow. Make sure to perform bicep curls with three hand positions: palms up, palms down, and thumbs to the side. Perform 12 repetitions to the front and then 12 repetitions of each to the side.

Athletic Training Programs for Amazing Weight Loss

You do not need to be a professional athlete to enjoy athletic training programs. Actually, personal trainers will agree that they are an effective way to lose weight. People around the world are ditching their weekly training sessions, and going to the gym for training programs. Instructors suggest that these programs are very popular because they are designed to be social and fun. “It feels very motivating to exercise with others with similar fitness goals. I think the appeal of these programs is fun. It’s more fun than doing the same old workout at the gym,” says Cross Fit specialist, Michael Smith.

The Greatest Cardio Exercises At Home

Forget the gym, doing just twenty minutes of cardio exercises a day at home, will help you lose weight and stay fit. This doesn’t mean you have to exercise at a slow pace. There are a series of intense workouts, which are designed for you to sweat and shed those pounds. The most important thing is to know what exercises are most effective for home exercising. Below, you will find the greatest cardiovascular exercises to do in the comfort of your own home.

Four Ways To Prepare For Intense Athletic Training Programs

For maximum results from athletic training programs, athletes must be prepared. Just a little fall can cause injury to muscles. To ensure that you avoid injury and recover properly, you need to take precautions. Here are four ways to prepare for even more intense training programs.

The Benefits of Exercise for a Spinal Cord Injury

Exercise is important for all of us.  It can help prevent disease, such as heart disease and diabetes. It can build muscle strength and tone and can improve endurance and flexibility.

Energy, Endurance and Hydration During Intense Exercise

Many athletes will use an energy supplement before and possibly during a demanding regime or performance. Typically, athletes will be seen to take an energy gel or drink to fuel their body with a convenient and concentrated source of carbohydrates.

Workout Plans For Women, Why They Are Important To Reach Your Goals

Why are workout plans for women so important to get results? The truth is that you will get results from just getting up and moving. However, to obtain the goals most women have you need to change the way you have been doing things.

Tips on How to Increase Vertical Jump

When it comes to jumping, perhaps to have a strong and higher vertical jump is one of the hardest one to perform and to perfect. It does not only require one part of your body to become agile, flexible and strong but most of the parts of your body from weight up to toe muscles.

Top 7 Tips on How to Jump Higher

Seven tips on how to jump higher. A higher jump is needed in basketball.

Plyometric Exercise Library – Totally Meant for You

A list of plyometric exercises that anyone can perform. Steps on how to do them.

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