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Are Vitamins Different From Minerals? Ask a Naturopathic Doctor!

Consuming a proper amount of nutrients should be your utmost priority for keeping your body healthy and various illnesses away. Vitamins and Minerals are very different from each other and provide different nutritional value. Read on to learn about the differences between the two and what does your body need.

4 Golden Rules of Nutrition

These 4 golden rules of nutrition are very vital for physical development. This insight will be useful in regards to applying the necessary changes in diet to ones approach for positive results.

Fueling Your Fire (Eat More Often to Lose Weight)

Eating more frequently throughout the day is a great way to speed up your metabolism and assist you in your weight loss goals. This article explains how.

Top 3 Superfoods for Superheroic Wellness

Read about my handpicked, top three superfoods from different food categories — vegetable, seed and fruit — that are renowned for their unmatched nutrient-packed properties and health benefits. These three foods don’t just taste great but they are also readily available in supermarkets near you. Find out how you can transform and endow your body with superheroic wellness.

Snacking Can Be Healthy If You’re Choosing the Right Ingredients

Healthy snacking does not just satisfy your taste buds but promotes your health and wellness as well. With improved health, you can surely become a better person physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. There are many food options which are very healthy. However, in choosing the type of food you eat, certain considerations are necessary. One of the most important things you need to check with the food you consume: Has it got nutritive value?

Milk: It Does a Body No Good

Clients often ask me about lactose. This article covers a few basic points about lactose and the reasons you might want to avoid it.

Save $$ on Groceries

While gas prices have dropped in the past few months, the savings have been offset by price increases at the grocery store. If you have a tight budget, planning meals and grocery shopping is a challenge. And when you’re trying to eat healthier, it can be even more of a challenge.

Eating Habits That Healthy Minded People Adopt

There are no real secrets to healthy eating. Ordinarily, some people are more conscious about what foods they eat.They may have simply developed an effortless regimen to the way they prepare and consume their meals, but whatever it is, here are a few general habits they tend to adopt.

Why We Love Fresh Vegetables

Eating vegetables that contain potassium is good for blood pressure. An example of such vegetables is spinach, and the nutrient from them is responsible for lowering blood pressure. Additionally, the body is protected from other malfunctions like kidney stones and loss of bones.

The Top 5 Superfoods For A Healthier Heart

When we feel stressed or depressed, it is very easy to indulge in foods that are not healthy for the heart. These are the junk foods that are high in calories, artificial sweeteners and salty snacks. It is always important to think about our general wellness by focussing on a healthy diet even when we don’t really feel like it.

Necessity of Nutrition for Children to Have Better Education

Hunger is a social evil. It may not necessarily force someone to do something evil, but it will definitely not allow him to concentrate on the task at hand, and concentration, as we all know, is of immense importance when the task at hand is ‘learning’. So how do children cope with this evil?

Do We Watch What We Eat or Eat What We Watch?

It is the best of times, It is the worst of times. On one hand we have people starving themselves to attain a zero-figure and suffering from Bulimia and Anorexia and on the other we have false propaganda of promoting “self-confidence” gone haywire with people now standing by, not against obesity. From Kim Kardashian flashing her medically enhanced assets to the trending thigh gaps, The media is replete with such disparities.

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