15 MIN TONED INNER & OUTER THIGH Workout (No Equipment)

7 Foods That Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Cancers, otherwise known as malignancies are tumours composed of abnormally functioning cells which undergo unregulated proliferation. Several dietary and lifestyle factors related to westernization have contributed to the increasing incidence of cancers in recent times. Furthermore, with junk diets now in vogue coupled with the sedentary nature of the jobs many people do, obesity and its associated cancers are on the upward trend. Fortunately, studies have established the fact that some foods have the natural ability to fight cancers and significantly reduce the risk of developing the dreaded condition.

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

Interestingly, honey has been with us since time immemorial as a remarkable natural sweetener that also boasts numerous medicinal benefits. Arguably, these are largely attributable to its antibacterial, antifungal, hygroscopic and antioxidant properties as discussed in this article.

Making Caffeine Work For Us

Caffeine is a drug that can be used to our advantage, so it has definite value. This article covers a few beneficial uses of caffeine.

Lower Your Cholesterol With Food

If you have high cholesterol and are concerned about it, don’t only focus on the things you cannot eat, but keep in mind the things you should eat. No one expects you to be perfect, but if you are good most of the time, those times when you are not your body is better able to deal with it.

3 Easy Ways To Have Healthy Travel Lunches

One of the most important keys to successfully losing weight is keeping the amount of calories that are put into the body on a daily basis under control. Once you get a superb handle on this, and maintain the habit for a prolonged period of time, the weight will come off week by week. Here are 3 easy ways you can ensure you’ll have healthy lunch travel lunches along with 1-2 portioned snacks you can take with you to work daily.

Strategies to Deal With Picky Eaters of Any Age

Do you have picky eaters? I’m not just asking the mothers of young children here. Even adolescents can be picky eaters. Or rather, stubborn eaters. Children can easily get set in their ways, so to speak, and reluctant to branch out in their food choices. For many parents, this can be the number one area of stress in their family. As the mother of two young boys myself, I know that dictating the family diet is no easy task! And the longer your children persist in their eating habits, the harder and harder it is to change them. Am I speaking to the choir?

The Benefits of Lemon

Lemon is a delicious fruit that has a lot of benefits. you will regret if you don’t consume it.

Go Paleo for Better Overall Health

In the search for healthier eating habits, many people are returning to foods that they believe our earliest ancestors subsisted on. This relatively new entry into the pantheon of dietary disciplines has earned it the name paleolithic diet, for obvious reasons. But are paleo diets any different than any other diet?

Prevent Osteoporosis With 4 Simple Lifestyle Changes

May is Osteoporosis Awareness Month. Are you taking proper care of your bones?

Super Foods Are Super Wastes

Super foods are the rage. This one helps obesity, this one diabetes. It’s totally a scam and fraud. There is no food that is so good that it cures problems.

Create An Arsenal Of Kitchen Equipment

You will find the more you focus on preparing meals at home on a regular basis, you will slowly develop a fully stocked arsenal of kitchen equipment to help you create practically anything your heart desires. Better yet, the more you get used to this process, the sooner you will have a fantastic list of healthy meals along with the necessary tools and equipment needed to prepare them for you and your family.

Gluten-Free Can Be Misleading

The article is about the real issue when referring to gluten-free is the wheat content. Gluten-free in and of itself does not necessarily equate to good health. Wheat, which is marketed as a healthy food source, may be nothing more than a marketing ploy. Wheat-free may be a better option than gluten-free.

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