15 MIN UPPER BODY WORKOUT (Back, Arms, Shoulders & Chest)

The Benefits of HGH and How to Naturally Stimulate Production

Human growth hormone is naturally produced by the pituitary gland which is located at the base of the skull, from the time we are born it helps us develop and grow, it is also a key building block for our muscles and bones. In 1985 synthetic HGH was produced and approved by the FDA for use in children and adults, it can have many positive benefits. In the past there was no hope for treating children who were not developing properly.

Why Is MaxPro Protein Right For Me?

Why MaxPro Protein should be added to your diet to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight, get lean, or add lean muscle, MaxPro is unique, and versatile for any occasion.

Nutrition – Healing Foods

It is quite true that what you eat, to large extent, reflects on how healthy you are and look. Eating the right type of foods will make your skin glow, your hair shine, your mind sharp, and generally make you feel fit and energetic. Combined with sleep, exercise, and water the likelihood of coming down with disease is considerably reduced.

Left Home Without Healthy Food, Now What?

Picture this, sitting right on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator is a plastic travel container packed with a proper portion size of leftover food from the night before, along with individually bagged apple slices, a nice medley of almonds with raisins, and two 20 ounce water bottles to help wash all that nutritious food down. But the problem is you ran out of the house in a hurry and completely forgot you had packed all this delicious food to take with you to work. There’s no need to throw your hands up in the air and say “oh well” and opt to get a double bacon cheeseburger combo from the nearest fast food spot at lunchtime. Here’s what to do.

Vitamin Water Ingredients Explained

Are the vitamin water ingredients helpful for you? The creation of the first sports drink at the University of Florida in the mid 60’s started the use of sports beverages by athletes. Since then we have seen another come on the market for the 1988 Olympics. Vitamin water has now become popular but the ingredients are far more than just vitamins in water.

Vegetable Protein – The Top 6 Choices

Vegetable protein? Really? That is a common reaction as most people do not think of protein outside of the meat food group or from beans. In reality, vegetarians get their protein from plant sources. Here are the top 6 sources of vegetable protein.

Health Benefit of Apples and Fat Loss

The health benefit of apples have been a part of our culture for a long time. An apple a day keeps the doctor away is quite accurate. Research now shows us what we have suspected all along, apples have a number of benefit for your health beyond just good nutrition.

Misconceptions About Nutrition and Fitness

Everyone knows that exercise plays a key role in helping you reach your fitness goals. But what about nutrition? What does it have to do with fitness? From being able to eat what you want, to restricting your dietary choices to a single food, when it comes to the role nutrition plays in fitness, faulty thinking abounds.

Magnesium and Eye Health

Magnesium is commonly overlooked as one of the most deficient minerals in our diet today. Magnesium plays a critical role in some 300 chemical reactions in the body and is key to the health and function of many organs in the body including our eyes, heart and muscles.

Do You Feel Like Your Body Is Out of Control? Tired, Heavy and Super Sleepy Like You Can’t Function?

If you answered yes, it is time to start taking care of your body today. If not you will regret it later for not doing it and if you tell me right now the reason why you have not done it is because you do not have time, you have tried dieting before, gym membership or eating healthy is too expensive for you, you are just full of excuses and your pain of being in the best shape of your life it is so much greater than the pleasure you will feel for having a healthy body, mind and spirit.

The Truth About the “Registered Dietitian Breakfast” (Did You Know There Was One?)

Registered dietitians traditionally recommend a breakfast that seems to be less healthful than they claim. This article looks at that meal and at the widespread nature of the recommendation.

Man’s Health Is His Most Essential Commodity!

What is health? Experts define it as follows: “A complete state of Mental, Physical and Social well-being, not necessarily the absence of illness; health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing.”

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