15 Minute Dumbbell Chest Workout (No Bench) | Build & Burn

Insanity Workout DVD Critical Review

You don’t need weights. Your own body supplies the resistance. You don’t need to spend countless hours at the gym. All it takes is less than one hour a day in your own home. What you do need however is will power, and lots of it.

What Are Plyometric Exercises and Some Examples

Plyometric Exercises are high intensity specialized training techniques used mostly by athletes to develop athletic power especially speed and strength. Plyometric training involves high intensity muscular contractions that put stretch reflex on a person’s muscle. Some forms of exercises involving Plyometric include jumps, hops and bounding movements among others.

3 Tips to Warming Up Properly

Properly warming up your body and your muscles is critically important prior to beginning any exercise or workout routine. Properly warming up will allow you to perform at your best enabling you to get the most out of your workout as well as prevent injury by getting your body and muscles in a proper state. By not warming up properly, you increase the risk of injury and potentially limit the overall effectiveness of your workout. Warming up is crucial and it is very important that you do it correctly. This article will provide tips on how to do this.

Use The Psychology Of Operant Conditioning To Improve Your Fitness

Often times people complain about not having enough motivation to work out. If only they how simple it is to use psychology to motivate exercise! Learn more about the simple solution to fitness.

He Would Run Naked If He Could

Is a running watch an uncomfortable accoutrement and crutch? Or is it a useful tool in tracking and improving one’s training and run times?

Health Habits: Keep Score On Your Fitness

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services publishes “Physical Activity Guidelines” for adults. In 2008, those guidelines called for moderate-intensity aerobic exercise at least 150 minutes a week, vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise at least 75 minutes a week, and strength-training at least twice a week….

Top Cardio Exercises

  When most people think of doing cardiovascular exercise they usually first picture jogging on the treadmill or gliding on the elliptical but I’m going to show you some of my top cardio exercises that you can do that are totally outside the box. Just because we’ve been imprinted into believing that cardio exercise should be done on either an elliptical, treadmill or stationary bike it doesn’t mean that it’s the most efficient way especially when it comes to losing weight. Studies have found other cardio exercise methods to be more effective at weight loss than the traditional practices…

Here’s A Variety of Engaging Exercises To Gain Muscle Fast

These types of exercises work more than one isolated muscle. Squat exercises work a variety of muscle groups. This type of exercise engages the hamstrings, gluteus, lower back, quads, and more. Isolated exercises although helpful are not as intensive.

Achieving Sensational Abs – Getting the Ripped Six-Pack You Deserve

Yes, you truly deserve sensational abs and a six-pack that looks like Picasso drew it! No, it won’t come easy but it is certainly achievable! Discipline is one of the tougher pills to swallow, unlike the snacks you’ve devoured for as long as you can remember.

Lose Weight Fast – Hill Training for Great Legs and a Tight Butt

If you want to lose weight fast there is nothing so effective as hill training (or simply hills). Whether you walk, jog, or sprint hill training gives you a great workout for your thighs and butt. Hill training is safer than traditional jogging when running up hill as it reduces the risk of injury. Hills also teach you good form, in essence, the hill itself acts as a running coach. Due to the intensity of hill training, you will burn more calories in less time than regular running or walking. That’s how to lose weight efficiently.

Fulfillment Through Fitness: How Exercise Effects The Brain

To the untrained couch potato exercise is another word for self-torture. It’s a task, something to be dreaded, hated, avoided at all costs. On his commute to work in the morning the couch potato sees the bright faced, starry eyed early-morning risers out for their morning jog and he thinks to himself how crazy they must be. The avid exerciser has stumbled upon a secret that only the fellow initiated know…

How A Walking Log Can Help You Achieve Better Health

Walking regularly is still the easiest type of exercise to get into and yet the health benefits you can get from it are enormous. Tracking your walks can help you see your progress, especially if you are trying to lose weight. This article describes what to look for and record in a walking log.

P90X: So Rubber Bands Will Get Me Ripped? C’Mon! Really?

Can you really get ripped just by using P90X bands? Don’t you need free weights and machines to get pumped up? Check out this article for the answer.

4 Tips To Get Fit Faster

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked to tell someone the key to getting fit I’d be living on some island being fed grapes (organic of course) by any number of very attentive and exceptionally formed females. This however is not my reality. Therefore, I will do my best to answer the question. Given the question, “what is the key to getting fit,” there are a few things we must take into consideration.

Is The P90X2 Sequel Even Necessary?

It’s no big secret that Tony Horton and his cohorts at Beachbody have been working on a follow up program to their flagship best seller P90X for over a year now. Instead of asking how much will it cost, when is it going to be released, what equipment will be needed etc. You should really be asking the questions: Do I really need to buy P90X2? and Is it really necessary?

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