Eat Your Way to a Stronger Immune System

Winter months bring the dreaded and inevitable cold season. Recent research has unearthed a great deal of information and evidence linking our immune systems to our intestinal health. Colds are most often synonymous with a wide array of medicinal and chemical treatments, despite there being no cure. Focusing on cold prevention and overall immune system strength through our food can also have impressive results.

Facts About Eating Healthy You Should Know About

Eating healthy is far more beneficial for your health than helping you lose a little weight. When you eat healthy you give yourself more athletic abilities, become smarter, and can even reduce a chance of a heart problems or cancer. Facts about eating healthy include the reducing anxiety and feeling more confident in social situations. If you have been thinking about changing your eating habits then today is the day you want to make the change. Put the past behind you and consider forming a new and positive relation with food to improve your life.

Fruit Juices and Smoothies? Might As Well Drink A Soda

Fruit juices and commercial fruit smoothies are no better for you than a can of soda. Loaded with sugar they create serious health hazards. Do you think they are a good source of vitamins and nutrients? In fact, their nutritive value is highly mistaken. Read on for an up-to-date review of how your body treats fruit juice.

Be Mindful of the Pre And Post Thanksgiving Festivities

Even though Thanksgiving is technically just one day, there are often a number of “celebrations” held among friends, family, and co-workers on the days leading up to this holiday where we generally eat and drink more than usual. Each time you go out to a pre- or post-Thanksgiving celebration, you will be confronted with a number of temptations in the form of drinks, appetizers, food, and desserts. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Trevinol and Its Benefits

Trevinol, the fibrin defense supplement is a natural blend of systemic enzymes like Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Bromelain, proteolytic enzymes and vital antioxidants. This supplement not only helps relieving pain but for heart disease patients it works towards emulsifying the clots inside the arteries and veins, removing scar tissue and lowering the harmful LDL cholesterol. Arthritis patients can get relief in just 20 minutes by using this product without irritating the stomach lining.

Healthy Diet for Eliminating Candida Albicans

Talking about Candida albicans, a bacterium, people immediately have a negative notion. But Candida is a micro organism present in almost everybody’s digestive tract or rather gastrointestinal tract across the planet. Candida itself is not harmful, but if it multiplies itself, there is definitely a reason to worry. An increase in number, inside the stomach results in Candidiasis or more commonly yeast infection. Another common effect is oral thrush. More than 70% women are seen to have Candidiasis.

How to Use Probiotic Supplements for Effective Results

We all know that probiotics are friendly or good bacteria that play an important role in maintaining the body’s immunity system and keep the digestive system intact.These micro organisms are usually present in your gut. They are responsible for keeping the body healthy by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria producing organic acids, hydrogen peroxide and natural antibiotic substances.

4 Essential Stomach Cleansing Diets

In order to keep your digestive system intact, a healthy stomach and intestine are the first step. While staying hydrated, maintaining a proper diet and being regular on exercise can help you keep a healthy stomach; the intake of cleansing foods will recreate a completely fresh, germ free gastrointestinal environment. Here are some dietary constituents which if taken regularly will have a wonderful impact on your digestive system.

How to Prevent Blood Clots

Accumulation of excess fibrin inside the inner walls of blood vessels or at the site of an injury can lead to extraneous growths and blockages which subsequently take the form of diseases like atherosclerosis, fibromyalgia, scar tissues and even various cardio vascular diseases. A high concentration of fibrin, the insoluble protein in the blood leads to increased blood viscosity which in turn results in the formation of blood clots inside the arteries, capillaries and veins.

Fibromyalgia Patients: What to Eat and Avoid

Fibrin is an essential insoluble blood protein necessary for blood coagulation during injuries to the arteries or veins in order to prevent the excess loss of blood. But the deposition of surplus fibrin on the inner walls of blood vessels will cause fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, scar tissue formation and various other cardiovascular disorders.

6 Foods That Candidiasis Patients Must Have

Candida albicans is harmful yeast present in the digestive or rather gastrointestinal tract of human body. Overgrowth of this yeast or fungus results in skin and mouth infection. It is also a parasitic fungus which affects the intestines and causes various stomach disorders as well as genital infections in women. This fungi breed in the stomach only if the suitable conditions prevail.

Healthy Eating: Five Main Food Groups

The five main food groups to help you achieve healthy eating. Achieving a healthy lifestyle through a healthy diet.

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