7 Tips to Build Your Body

Being lean and fit is okay but if you are lanky, it tends to downgrade your personality. Bodybuilding is a great idea. However, this idea is not about pumping your body with medicinal supplements.

Take Your Muscle Building Workout to the Next Level With These 10 Techniques

Everyone at some point will see a slow-down in their muscle building workout progress, particularly as the body becomes accustomed to the regular weight training exercises. This is when it’s time to introduce various techniques to kick-start your muscle growth and ensure continued good progress. In this article I provide 10 of my favorite steps to help you reach the next level of muscle growth.

4 Tips for Building Pure Muscle

Training is clearly important when it comes to stimulating muscle growth. But, that is only a part of the equation. Building muscle happens during recovery, not in the gym. What are you eating? How much are you sleeping? In this article are 4 tips for building pure muscle

Diet Plan To Build Lean Muscle

Just working out is not enough in order to build lean muscle. Your diet, too, plays a pivotal role in this process.

How to Get Sleeve Busting Arms

Every guy wants arms that turn heads, but it is one of the hardest things for many people to achieve. Main reason being, most people go about their training the wrong way. In this article, you will learn how to increase the overall size of your arms and some common mistakes when it comes to arm training.

Getting Muscular, Stronger and Bigger Without Getting Fat!

I’m following A Muscle Building Course and doing really good. I’m getting so much stronger, bigger and muscular but my body fat is getting a little higher, why is that? And how can I prevent that from happening while not screwing up my muscle gains?

Nitrogen Balance and Muscle Gain (Part 2 of 2)

The reason to include this section is such that on the basis of your situation, you have an idea of whether perhaps your protein requirements are high. Very often we see people who want to gain muscle, however, they still form to play football and 2-3 times a week.

Warning: Don’t Read This Or You Won’t Have Any Excuses Left Not To Get In The Best Shape Ever

In this article, I explain the basics of a muscle-building, beach-body sculpting system that got me in the best shape of my life in my 40’s in 21 days. I know. Sounds too good to be true. So, for now forget the hype. Let’s talk basics.

Nitrogen Balance and Muscle Gain (Part 1 of 2)

Nitrogen balance does not necessarily mean someone takes the same amount of nitrogen they use. Nitrogen balance is simply the measure of nitrogen output subtracted of the nitrogen input.

2 Types of Amino Acid to Improve Your Muscle Repair

The good news is the amino acid glutamine has been proven to help boost the body’s immune system and help keep your training on track. In addition to playing a vital role in cell volumizing and transfer of nitrogen, it has also been shown to help the immune system and helps the body recover.

Quick Tricep Workouts

Triceps, when properly weight-trained, make up two-thirds of your upper arm’s overall size. As such, it’s better to do a quick tricep workout than to skip it when your gym time is tight.

What Do You Do to Add Strength to Your Body?

A well-shaped body contour is good, but that is not the only requirement of healthy human system. We all have heard about balanced diet, but how many of us are actually aware of what it consists of? The balanced diet is what you need to keep yourself in a good state and strengthen your system.

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