Losing Weight With Meal Replacement Bars

A lot of people think that losing weight is simply switching to salads and fruits, and walking to places instead of driving. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Red Celery Can Be A Holiday Delight

Low in saturated fat, red celery is an exciting new variety of a universal favorite. Exciting and vibrant, it is sure to decorate tables across the world.

Vita Coco Coconut Water – Reasons Why It’s So Good for You

Let’s get into the reasons why drinking coconut water is good for our organisms. It contains lauric acid which the human body uses to produce monolaurin, that helps our immune system fight the various diseases. It has the same electrolyte balance level as our blood, therefore it is sometimes used as a intravenous fluid in extreme situations when it comes to saving lives.

Can Anyone Afford to Eat Green?

“Eating green” twenty years ago would have been an empty phrase. “How does one eat the colour green?” we might have asked.

Losing Weight Without Eating Salads

One thing that really annoys me is that people who try to be healthy claim they can’t because they ‘hate the taste of salads’. I want to make one thing clear, and that’s that being healthy isn’t about eating salads all day. In fact it’s very possible to never touch a salad, yet still eat the foods that are both nutritious and tasty too.

Know About All The Vitamins That Are In Almond Milk And Which Are Essential For A Healthy Living

Consuming almond milk is considered healthy for kids and adults. Almond milk is abundant with natural vitamins that help one to have a smooth skin. Find more on how the almond milk act as a natural vitamin supplement for you and your family.

Preparing Low Fat Dinners: Step by Step

If you want to develop healthier eating habits, you need to know what to eat. I’ll be straightforward. Learning to select the right foods is the easy part. There’s a few tips that you can use to prepare simple yet delicious low fat dinners. Because in the end, if what you cook is tasteless, you won’t be able to keep your new eating resolutions.

Let’s Spice Things Up a Little – I Love Spicy Food!

Here are a couple of my favorite WW friendly Mexican recipes… I hope you enjoy! One of the great things about this one is… you can make it hot OR not! The other is that it doesn’t get much simpler!

3 Vegetarian Diet Tips For Going And Staying Vegan

3 tips for going vegetarian. Learn what these tips are, and how you can use them today to start eating vegan.

2 Tips For Sticking With The Plan Of Going Vegetarian

How to stick with going vegetarian. Learn 2 tips that will help you with your decision.

3 Effective Tips For Becoming A Vegetarian

How you can become a vegetarian now. Learn the advantages that going vegetarian offers you.

Benefits Of Becoming A Vegetarian And How To Make It Work For You

Why becoming a vegetarian can be a good decision. Learn the benefits that going vegetarian offers you.

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