Iron Gym Total Body Workout for Women

Many people think that bodybuilding is not meant for women. This is a wrong thought because women also need the physically strong, sexy, curvy and attracting body. This is one sure way to get it!

You Call That A Squat?

Think you know the real way to do a squat? Find out what you may be doing wrong, and how to get the most out of your leg workouts!

The Many Benefits Of Sandbag Training

As a youth, I spent a lot of time in Africa. One thing I used to admire was the kind of physique builders and construction workers had. They never had a lot of muscle mass but they were extremely ripped. Their physiques were very defined and proportional. Their work was hard as they did not have any access to sophisticated machines like diggers and caterpillars. This was manual labor at its toughest and they put their bodies through hell day in and day out virtually every day of the year.

How to Gain Weight Fast For Women – 4 Crucial Tips to Building A Curvy Body

“Weight” is always a sensitive subject for the majority of women. While most women are trying to lose weight, some women are trying to gain weight. This obstacle of trying to gain weight is further compounded by unsolicited sometimes dangerous advice from jealous women who wished they were thin as well as advice from dodgy sources from the Internet. This article will reveal how to gain weight fast for women using these 4 crucial tips to building a curvy body.

A Simple Way To Get Strong And Lean

What is your level of fitness? Can you do 10 pushups? I mean good pushups with your body rigid as a plank of wood, allowing your chest to touch the ground at the bottom? Can you do a squat? A full squat all the way down to where the tops of your thighs are parallel with the floor? Or what about chin ups? Many if not most of us would have trouble doing many of these movements but being able to do just a few key exercises…

4 Important Workout Foods

You’re tired all the time, but you’re not sick – you’re just busy. Productivity seems like a long lost dream. All you want to do is exercise and get yourself the body you want, but you’re just too tired. The good news is that the solution might be right on your next breakfast plate.

Real Life Advice To Gain Weight For The Skinny

Are you tired of being called a wimp just because of your size? Or do you want to gain some respect among guys during local gatherings? This article is dedicated to the hard-gainers who are struggling to gain weight and pack on some noticeable muscles on your body.

The Very Best Back Widening Exercises

Is it possible to make your back wider? Aren’t we ‘stuck’ with what we’ve got when it comes to the overall width of our backs? You’ll be glad to hear that you absolutely can, to a dramatic extent. The most important muscle to target for this purpose is the latissimus dorsi also commonly referred to as the ‘lats’. We won’t go through their various functions because it’s beyond the scope of this write-up.

7 Tips To Six Pack Success

Getting a six pack, although highly coveted, isn’t as complex as you might think. You don’t need any fancy exercise plans, just hard work and determination. Learn some secrets of the trade to help speed up the process.

The Most Visually Transforming Body Parts

Some people just don’t like working out all that much. I can sometimes understand this particular sentiment. After all, working out requires a special kind of commitment that I suppose is quite a rare trait in this world of instant gratification. So let us suppose you are looking to make big changes to your physique and you want to find the quickest way possible to achieve that. What body parts, which if focused on, could respond quickly and rapidly transform your physique?

Mirror Training

I think everyone involved today in bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and sports specific training today all started out the exact same way – mirror training. When you started to lift weights, it was most likely to impress someone else and you were wanting to look better. Today, even at ten years later, these muscular imbalances can still be a detrimental factor to your training and your goals.

Muscle Building: What’s Your Training Split?

A large part of getting bigger, getting stronger, or just getting in shape, is the exercise plan that you follow. Training regimens vary from person to person, from fitness fanatic to fitness fanatic. Which training split is the best? Let’s take a look.

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