5 Big Mistakes ALL Noobs Make in the Gym!

Why Am I On The Treadmill Daily But Not Burning Fat?

A good example is this, think of a man that is 200 pounds who is going to run or walk for five kilometers. He would only burn about 450 calories for the entire walk or run, and it could take an hour or longer.

Kids Exercise Music Will Really Get Them Moving

Music is a great tool for affecting the emotions. It can be used for relaxation, for inspiration, or motivation. Music can help you get excited and it can get your body moving. In fact, kids exercise music is a great way to get kids off the couch and on the “dance floor.”

Exercise and Keeping Young

New studies are just starting to reveal how important exercise is to the human brain. By exercising daily, you can increase your brain’s functioning and help combat the aging process.

How to Get Some Exercise During Television Commercials

Most shows that are on TV are usually around 30 minutes to an hour. It takes about almost every 8 to 10 minutes for the show to go to a commercial break. Then the commercial break is about on average 2 to 3 minutes. So during a 30 minute show you will have around 6 to 8 minutes to workout. For a 60 minute show you will have about 15 to 20 minutes to workout.

Home Fitness Program Schedule

The hardest part of any home fitness program or even going to the gym is to schedule time. The important words here are “schedule time.” At work you schedule a time to meet a client or you schedule a meeting with co-workers.

Discover Today How To Make Your Stomach Flat

If someone told you how to make your stomach flat, would you listen? How much do you want to have that toned stomach? If your journey has just started then information about nutrition will be the key. You see too many people don’t realise that the food they eat as well as when they eat it can help them to lose weight by speeding up their metabolism.

A Simple Circuit Training and Why You Need to Avoid Organic Eggs

Circuit training is one of those weight loss exercises that can make you really all pumped up and energized once you are done with it. It will surely make every muscle in your body to work harder, get you all sweaty and most of all, it will only take 25 minutes to do! Here’s how:

Health Habits: Protein After Exercise

If you’re focused on your health and vitality, no doubt you realize the importance of daily discipline, especially in terms of exercise. Whether you travel a lot, or work a stressful job, or own your own business, you know you need to maximize your energy level in order to handle the rigors of your work. You want to make sure every move you make to enhance your health really counts….

Figure Competition Fat Loss Program

Prepping for a figure contest takes motivation and work. To be prepared, enter, and win your figure competition you will need to diet, do cardio, and weight train. Most first time figure competitors struggle with how to implement the perfect figure competition fat loss program. To clear the constant dieting confusion on what the best figure contest diet is, I am going to share with you simple tips on how you can eat the perfect figure diet to lose nasty body fat AND build lean sculpted muscle the judges will love.

Jump Higher: How the Central Nervous System Is Essential to Athletic Performance

Learning more about the in depth reasons of why and how the body works is what makes one jump manual better than the other. Learning how to jump higher requires knowing why certain exercises like plyometric exercises work better than others.

Challenge Yourself

How often do we really challenge ourselves? When is the last time you set a goal that really pushed the limits of your capabilities? Most of the time we take the path of least resistance. But that isn’t always the best path. Failure can be our greatest teacher and set us on the path to future success. So why don’t we set goals that are challenging?

Workout Partner Ideas

No matter how flexible a fitness plan you follow, working out always seems like a chore. With the help of a partner, the treadmill seems less tedious, the miles seem shorter and the weights seem lighter! But you must choose your partner very carefully.

The Basics of a Well-Rounded Fitness Program

A well-rounded fitness program that includes a healthy diet will get you on the road to permanent weight loss and a firm body. Stick with the basics of fitness and you will look better and feel better fast.

Safe Exercises for People With Osteoporosis

Older adults can benefit from regular physical activity. Increased strength and improved balance can help guard against falls and injuries. Exercise and a healthy diet can help slow bone loss caused by osteoporosis.

Tips to Motivate Your Teenager to Exercise

Teenage is one age when one is either the super active kid zooming around the block or the kid who likes videogames and television more than the outside. This latter apparently harmless characteristic is quiet unhealthy for your kid. Inactiveness could lead to various problems in the upcoming years – obesity and depression are just the tip of the iceberg.

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