5 Muscles You’re TOTALLY Forgetting to Stretch (BIG MISTAKE!)

How to Crush Your Next 10k

Being new to the world of distance and trail running, I do a TON of research. Among my daily reads while training for a recent 10k trail race in the East Bay Area, I found a few great tips that led me to crush my goal time by 10 minutes.

The Value of a Well-Rounded Exercise Regime

When you mix up your routine and alternate days and variety, your physique will improve and your brain will soar. Do not wait to begin a routine that will empower your mental and physical health.

Burn Fat Faster

Many men in today’s age of testosterone and masculinity believe that training longer ages the best results and benefits. While some sort of gains might be attained through hours of training, generally that is not the case. In fact, training for hours on end will only be detrimental to your goals as a powerlifter and strength training athlete. Sure, if you’re training for a marathon or for the sake of endurance training, hours of training and working out might be more beneficial for you.

Exercises and Workouts – Four Tips to Help You Get Up Early For Your Workout Session

Are you struggling to get out of bed for your morning workout session? If so, you aren’t alone. Morning workouts do tend to be some of the hardest workouts to get into your day however if you do them; it’s an excellent way to start your day off right. Wondering how you can make those morning sessions easier? Try one of these tips.

How to Successfully Stay On an Exercise Program

Most people would love to maintain their health a little better and one way to do that involves exercising. However, they often attempt an exercise program, but find themselves venturing off the track. Some just exercise whenever they feel like it, while others want a scheduled plan of action. In any case, exercise should become part of everyday life in order to achieve success. Fitness centers are a great way to motivate a healthy lifestyle and provide many sources for exercising, but execution is always the challenge. Here are some helpful tips to successfully staying with an exercise program.

Exercises and Workouts – Why Machines Should Be A Part Of Your Workout Program

If you’ve been reading about structuring a workout program, you may have read you should be favoring free weights over machines. And, for the most part, this is very accurate. Free weights tend to offer great advantages in terms of boosting your overall core strength while helping you hit multiple muscle groups at the same time. But, there are some instances when machines should be a part of your program. Let’s look at when this is, so you can decide if they are a must for you…

Tips to Stay on Track With Your Fitness Over the Silly Season

Wow, another year has almost passed and the ‘silly season’ is upon us! Food, family, food, friends, celebration, food, drinking, food, parties, relaxing, food… food is always a common theme at Christmas. We should all allow ourselves to break away from routine during this time, so that we feel refreshed and motivated in the New Year, but consider finding a balance between the good stuff and the not so good stuff… and you will thank yourself for it. Here I share six tips to help keep your body in tip top shape over the festive season.

Make the Most of Your Local Playground This Summer With These Great Exercises

The days are warm and light now and there’s no doubt the kids will be pleading to visit the playground more often. Even if you don’t have kids, there is bound to be a playground near you that provides a FREE fitness solution for kids and adults alike.

Deadlifts for Big Muscle Mass

Do you want to get bigger? Is your goal to gain more muscle mass? If yes, the solution for your current workout routine is to incorporate deadlifts. Deadlifting is one of the best compound movements to add to your muscle building arsenal of exercises.

Barbell Squats: The Ultimate Calorie Burner

When it comes to lower body exercises, the barbell squat is one of the most effective exercises to burn fat and build muscle. Not only does it work your lower body but your upper body as well so it can be considered a total body exercise. While your lower body does most of the work, your upper body stabilizes the weight. Doing squats whether its with a loaded barbell, on a wall or just with your body weight is beneficial either way.

Bench Pressing for Strength Gains

One of the top most beneficial exercises for upper body strength is the renowned bench press. Commonly done on a flat bench, it uses all the muscles such as the chest, triceps, shoulders, biceps, forearms and even your back. When you really think about it, it can be considered a full body exercise because where you position your feet determines level of stability.

How To Lose Upper Body Fat?

Health is surely the best kind of wealth, it is best to take care of it. For that here you will find some of the best tips to learn how to lose upper body fat?

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