5 Stretches You Should Be Doing Every Morning!

The Benefits of Yoga for Lower Back Pain Relief

Many people suffer with chronic back pain and have tried pills, chiropractors, physical therapy and other methods to find some relief for their pain; however, treating any type of back or neck pain can be difficult. It can be hard to determine exactly what is causing the pain and treatment options may range from pain relievers that can be as damaging as they are beneficial to relaxation techniques or self-help methods that may prove completely ineffective for many people. Fortunately, current research suggests that a program of stretching or yoga for lower back pain relief can be…

Description of the Garmin Forerunner 305

The Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch is one of the best training tools for the avid runner, cyclist or fitness enthusiast. The many features of this GPS watch provide so much value for money that cannot be beaten. You should never leave for a run without it.

The Physiological Function of Interval Training in Weight Loss

The norm of the fitness industry for years has been that the best way to burn off excess body fat is through the use of low-intensity aerobic exercises. Although it remains a fact that you do actually burn some amount of body fat with aerobic exercises, new studies are however indicating that this is not the most effective method to get the best results from your weight loss efforts. Several of these new studies have demonstrated that the use of interval training is a safe and far more effective method of losing extra body fat.

Facts About Walking for Weight Loss

An individual’s weight is mostly a function of the balance between what is taken in as food and the amount of calories that is subsequently expended as energy. Weight loss is therefore logically bound to occur if a calorie deficit is created through for instance increasing the amount of physical exercise engaged in while also reducing overall calorie intake by eating fewer calories daily. Walking is one very good activity that can be easily engaged in to help increase an individual’s total daily calorie expenditure.

Be One Step Ahead of Your Figure Competition

Competing in a figure competition is an exciting journey and event. Preparing for one takes a strong will, dedication, and a plan of action. When you implement the proper steps and mindset you can be one step ahead of your competition.

Why Cardiovascular Workouts Are Inefficient for Long Term Weight Loss

Many fitness experts have over the years promoted low-intensity cardiovascular exercises as the best methods of losing excess body weight. As fallout of this, the first thing most people think of when they want to start losing weight is which type of cardiovascular exercise they are to engage in. There are actually several studies which have indicated that the lower the intensity of the exercise, the more the “percentage” of fat that will be used as fuel by the muscles.

Swimming, The Perfect Exercise For Leg Health

The effects of gravity for long periods, is a key factor in the development of vein disease. Veins are responsible for returning blood from the legs to the heart. They have a tough job because blood has to travel uphill. Due to many factors such as occupation (standing or sitting for long periods of time), heredity, pregnancy or hormonal factors, the veins can become stretched or “varicose” and malfunction. Swimming and water exercise have anti-gravity effects. it is one of the best ways to take “pressure” off your veins and promote leg health.

10 Easy Ways to Become a Runner – Get Fit and Lose Weight

I am not your stereotypical sportswoman, but a few years ago I discovered a sport that even I can enjoy – running. Here are my top ten tips to become addicted to running.

Shake Your Booty: How Brazilian Dance Will Help

Shake your booty and gyrate your hips to get moving. Samba is a dance perfectly suited to dancing alone and enjoying the benefits of getting fit.

Personal Trainer in NYC Recommends Diet Journal to Achieve Nutritional Goals

Accountability is something we all could use a little more of in many aspects of our lives. Diet is a key part of any fitness program that delivers lasting results, and as a Personal Trainer in NYC explains, you have to be held accountable to your diet to ensure that it stays within the required parameters to achieve your desired goals. Particularly if weight loss is your main goal, it’s important to keep a journal of everything you eat, especially in the initial stages of dieting.

You, Me, And The Iron

Many of you may be wondering what I exactly mean by Iron. When I refer to Iron, I am in other words saying weights. Everyone has their own outlet or escape in life. This outlet can be pretty much anything that relaxes you, keeps you motivated, or just downright happy.

An Overview Of Online Pole Dancing Lessons

A lovely art that should be known and practiced every now and again is pole dancing. When you decide to learn to pole dance, there are a few basic things to be learned first so that this skill can be achieved. These lessons are found on some online pole dancing websites.

All About The FITT Principle

The FITT principle is a very basic principle to use to get to the most out of your exercise program. FITT is an acronym and it stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type. If you understand this principle you will be able to modify your workouts so you will never hit a plateau. This means that your body has adapted to what you have been giving it and it will no longer adapt if you keep giving it the same thing.

Exercise For Beginners – 5 Key Exercises That Make A Great Full Body Workout

A common complaint for many people aspiring to exercise is that they can’t find the time to work out. Even if time is an issue for you, chances are you can find the time to do a few simple exercises every day. Use the following simple but effective exercises to create a solid daily routine that you can complete in about 30 minutes.

Exercise Workout Plan – Exercise And Fitness Are The Key To Slow Aging The Natural Way

The aging process involves many changes to your body and mind that you want to try to avoid if you can. Maintaining your fitness level into old age is one powerful way to put off these changes for years. Consider the advice below to see how you can stay healthy and independent as you age.

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