7 Abdominal Exercises to Get Perfect Abs

Maximal Effort Training – Once More, With Feeling!

If you want to get stronger and faster you might want to fit maximal effort (ME) style training into your strength building program. This is when you try to regularly increase the maximum amount of weight you can do for one repetition in lifts such as the Deadlift, the Squat and the Bench press.

How to Gain Weight With A Very Fast Metabolism

For those who are trying to gain weight with a very fast metabolism it can feel very frustrating to feel like no matter how much you eat you still can’t gain a single pound. While those who are trying to lose weight would love to be in your position, the reality is that it is equally annoying to feel like you would look better with a few extra pounds of muscle as it is for an overweight person who would like to lose a few pounds of fat. The secret to gaining weight with a very fast metabolism is…

How to Gain Weight With A Fast Metabolism For Girls

Trying to gain weight with a fast metabolism is a huge problem some girls experience. If you’ve ever tried stuffing your face full of junk food, performing endless exercises or none at all or perhaps consuming weight gain supplements in the hopes of gaining weight and still don’t succeed then I urge you to read these 6 simple tips on how to gain weight with a fast metabolism for girls.

Few Tips For Developing Big Muscles

While developing muscles, you can’t just hit the gym and start pumping iron like crazy until you see results. There are some tried and tested methods you might want to follow in order to maximize your gains and spare yourself from wasting your time doing the wrong things. Continue reading as below are some helpful tips that will help you gain more muscles.

Workout Tips for Skinny Guys

This article is aimed at thin guys who really struggle to put on muscle. I’m going to explain the reason for this, and give you some tips on how you can overcome this problem.

How to Build Muscle Fast – Naturally

There are many different training techniques and styles out there that can help you build muscle, from kettle bell training, to body-weight only training, 100 rep training, P90x and the list goes on an on. However, the number one and most effective way to pack on muscle fast is to train bodybuilding style.

Female Bodybuilding – It Looks Better Than Plastic Surgery

Female bodybuilding does not have to equate to masculine or butch or unattractive. In fact it’s completely the opposite.

How to Get Huge Biceps for Beginners

Having huge biceps is a must have for some men. It somehow looks good and shows sexiness if one has them. If you ever dreamt of having some but have no idea how, then you better checkout how to get huge biceps for beginners.

Special Muscle Building Tips to Train Harder and Smarter

There are certain muscle building tips with a proven history of success. These strategies work well for just about anyone. You can safely develop your muscles and avoid hurting yourself by utilizing these tips.

Best Exercises For Muscles – Instant Results!

What are the most effective exercises for muscles? Are they bicep curls? Have you been searching in vain for the holy grail of yet seem to fail desperately?

The 6 Pillars of Strength

OK, if you’re like me you have tried every training program under the sun that promises huge jacked muscles, strength gains beyond your wildest dreams and six pack abs that will turn heads. Are you blindly following programs that tell you exactly what to do but not WHY you are doing it? Here are the secrets to program design.

Bodybuilding Workout Routines – Some Guidelines

Many bodybuilding workout routines are very rich in techniques and principles such as doing slow negatives to increase hypertrophy or doing supersets which help work opposing muscle groups more thoroughly and at the same time decrease workout time. Unlike powerlifting and Olympic weight lifting, bodybuilding training’s goal is not to develop strength in movements but rather muscle size. There is much to learn.

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