8 Exercises to Lose Hanging Lower Belly Fat

Shorter Workouts Are Better

Sixty-minute workouts are good. Shorter, more intense workouts are better for increasing fitness. Interval training is key for burning calories, strengthening muscles, and overall morale. Here’s the science that will save you at least 15 minutes a day.

Why Women Should Get Over Their Fear of the Weight Room

Walk around a gym and you will see very few women in the weight room. Some may be on the machines, but most will be in the cardio area and almost none will be in the free weight area.

Why You Should Exercise in the Morning!

Let’s be honest here… some people are morning people and some people are… not. I am one of those that is not a morning person, so starting to exercise in the morning has been a huge struggle. Do you exercise first thing in the morning? There are a few awesome boosts that it can do for you.

Making Exercise a Habit

I often am asked how I manage to stay motivated and consistent with my workouts. Usually by people who are complaining that they just can’t get motivated to keep up with the gym.

How To Overcome Panic And Anxiety With Exercise

In our stressful world, many suffer from severe stress that can even cause panic and anxiety for some. Some don’t even know they are already suffering from panic and anxiety.

Refining Yourself Through Combatives, or, How I Find Balance When Life Favors Disharmony

The Martial Arts are often perceived as a way of fighting, and only useful for those who fight. However, much like many other philosophies, the principles of the Martial Arts can be applied to multiple aspects of life in order to improve the quality of life.

Should You Combine Diet and Exercise?

What should it be? Diet or exercise or both? Should you really combine diet and exercise to make an effective weight loss program?

How To Avoid Pain And Pain Relief From Exercise

In the spring after a long winter’s nap, on a weekend that suddenly has a fresh, warm sun and the yard needs cleanup of the winter’s dead leaves and twigs, and trees are begging to be trimmed, you spend the day at it, hang up the tools, walk in the house and fall on the couch, ready for the potato syndrome. Who said exercise was good for you? You’re in pain!

How to Walk Properly?

In this article I want to discuss correct walking posture. Because we are busy into daily activities we are not able to use certain muscles. While you are using a specific walking program, regular walking puts strain on your ankles, knees, hips, thighs and back. It is important to follow a correct walking posture.

The Benefits of Jump Training

There are a long list of fitness trainers out there offering different types of exercise programs. In this article we provide information of a training program that aims to increase one’s vertical height and explains in what ways it is beneficial for us.

Motivation To Exercise: It’s Buried In Your Excuses

Reasons and excuses for skipping workouts reveal the precise reasons you need to work out. If you’re a skipper then buried in your excuses is a truth that can motivate you. “Too busy, too tired, sore, don’t feel well” can all be overcome. Turn things around for yourself and make working out a #1 priority to elevate your quality of life. No one is ever sorry they took up fitness.

She Hated Exercise

I took on a new personal training client earlier in the summer, and she point blank told me that she “hated exercise, and everything to do with it!” She said she had slogged away in the gym for years, up to 90 minutes, three times a week and hated every minute of it, and seeing very little by the way of results. (She was about to sign up to one of my 6 month coaching programmes, so was very relieved when I told her that exercise…

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