9 Benefits of Taking Cold Showers Everyday (Science-Based)

Exercises and Workouts – Skip Your Gym Session For These Exercises Instead

Stuck in a rut with your gym workouts? You aren’t alone. One of the top reasons many people fall off their workout program at the gym is simply due to boredom. Day in, day out, they are doing the same thing. Anyone would stop going after a while. The key to maintaining fitness success is to continually change it up. Challenge yourself – make it interesting. At times, this might mean actually getting right out of the gym and doing something else entirely. Let’s look at four great options you can do that will easily replace a gym session when you need a motivational lift…

Exercises and Workouts – Three Reasons To Use The Rowing Machine

As you head to the gym to get your cardio training in, you might gravitate to the rows of treadmills and bikes due to the fact this is what you’ve either always taken part in previously or have seen other people doing. At first the rowing machine can appear intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, it’s an effective way to spice up your cardio routine. So, are you neglecting one of the most powerful forms of cardio out there? If you aren’t making good use of the rowing machine you definitely are. The rowing machine offers plenty of advantages and if there’s one at your gym, it’s high-time you took advantage of it. Let’s go over the top three reasons you should be considering exercising on the rowing machine…

6 Easy Exercise Tips For Beginners

Exercise for beginners can be a bit overwhelming. It’s no secret that regular exercise can do wonders for how you feel and help you to look good. But it can be a bit overwhelming knowing where to start. Here are 6 tips about exercise for beginners.

Dadbods? You Have to Be Kidding!

A look at the recent fad for Dadbods, which essentially gives Dads (and imposter Dads) an excuse to let themselves go physically. I think this is, at best lazy, and at worst, risky in terms of long-term health effects. What do you think? Read on.

Getting Back Into The Pool: How To Get Into Condition

Getting back into the pool after time off means it is time for some conditioning training. Here’s how to fight the lactic acid build-up and get more laps under your belt. Whether it is a first-time attempt at swimming training, on the DRs orders for weight loss or too much time on land; here’s the how to on getting into condition and to swim your first K or mile.

5 Ways a Daily Walk Can Improve Your Life

We all know the health benefits of walking, such as losing weight, strengthening muscles, and lowering the risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer, but a brisk 30-minute walk each day also provides several non-physical benefits. Take up walking and you too can enjoy: An improved mood – More energy – Better sleep – Improved sex life – Something fun to do…

4 Ways to Ensure Your Kids Get Enough Physical Activity

Most children do not get enough physical activity these days. With schools eliminating their physical education programs and kids spending more time watching TV and playing video games, it is no wonder childhood obesity at an all-time high (and still climbing). In the last 30 years, it has doubled and as of 2012, 18% of children under the age of 12 were obese. During the six hours per day on average that kids spend watching TV and on their computers, they are not burning as many calories as they are taking in. As a matter-of-fact, they are most likely also eating unhealthy food while watching TV so not only are they not burning calories, they are consuming more. So how do you ensure your kid is getting enough physical activity? Here are 4 ways that will get your child moving:

The Benefits of Barre Fitness Classes

Whether you want to burn fat, improve your muscle tone and sculpt your body, barre fitness can help. By joining a barre workout class in your area today, you’ll be on the road to reaping the total body health benefits this wonderfully unique exercise program offers. Here’s an overview of what else barre workouts can do for you

5 Tips to Make Running in the Morning Easier and Injury Free

If you are a night owl then the thought of running in the morning may seem a dream. Waking up early may seem like an impossible feat as you may be more inclined to sleep. Most people who do manage to get up in the morning and run may not be able to do it consistently as they get injured at regular intervals.

Exercises and Workouts – 3 Strength Building Moves For Stronger Shoulders

Having strong shoulders isn’t just about looking good as you wear your sleeveless tops or dresses, it’s about having functional strength that makes everyday activities easier to complete as well. Your shoulders will be used for not only carrying heavy objects, but also for lifting any object overhead. Therefore, focusing on developing strong shoulders while at the gym is a very wise move. Let’s look at the three best strength building moves you should be considering to whip your shoulders into top shape…

The Best Chest Exercises To Widen Your Chest

So, I’m going to take a wild guess as to why you’ve come here. You must be ready to build a “road map” chest! I’m going to let you know about the best chest exercises to widen that chest of yours! Both men and women can do these exercises.

DNA Determines Your Fitness Success

Your DNA determines what kinds of exercise your body is best equipped to handle. Learn why in this article.

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