9 Supplement Tips to Bulk Up FASTER

Beating Hypertension With a Healthy Lifestyle

Have you ever noticed that more often than not, today’s modern workplace finds you rushing through deadlines while stuck in front of your computer? When your lunch break comes along you see yourself finding solace in a comforting hamburger, large soda and fries combo. Munching away seems to bring you a measure of relief, but soon enough you find yourself going back to the rat race – glued to your seat while finishing deadline after deadline.

What Does Runners High Mean?

Do you like to go dancing? Not dancing for a performance, but dancing at a club or in a party? Chances are that you do, unless you are a compulsively shy person. Even if you are shy, there must have been a time when, in the privacy of your room, you just let yourself go to that dance number playing on the radio. It was the music that compelled you to dance, and you were left feeling so good. A wonderful, euphoric feeling of well-being, as if everything was right with the world. You felt what junkies and alcoholics feel, without having to indulge in their bad habits. You were high.

Homeschool Mom With No Time to Work Out

Are you a homeschool mom trying to keep an exercise schedule? Don’t give in to the excuse of no time to work out. Here’s how I did it.

Benefits of Sweating

You may sweat when you are unwell. You perspire when you are physically active. You may also sweat when you eat certain foods.

Create an Effective Home Exercise Plan

Exercising at home is the best scenario if you have a busy lifestyle that does not lend itself to extra-curricular trips to the gym or fitness center membership fees. However, what if you are having problems squeezing exercise into your schedule or simply cannot muster enough motivation? Here’s some helpful strategies to follow for your home fitness plan.

3 Ways to Mix Up Your Treadmill Workout

The treadmill is great for walking and running but if you want to mix up your treadmill workouts, try our three new treadmill exercises. These moves will challenge your balance and tone your muscles!

Get Fit With Cardiovascular Exercise

What is the real purpose of cardiovascular exercise? How does it benefit your health and fitness? Learn more about cardio exercise and how to apply it.

5 Best Body Weight Exercises for Women

Exercise has become a big focus for women to stay healthy and extend their lives. Exercises for women are important mainly because it can prevent many aches and pains that can plague them when they get older.

How To Do Crunches

Crunches are very important part in any workout. If you do it right, crunching also helps in the toning and flattening of your abdominal muscles. Just do the crunch correctly and you are sure to get the flat abs, which is the envy of a lot of people.

3 Vital Health Benefits of Core Training

Ripped abdominal muscles are visually appealing. But did you know there are important health reasons to strengthen your core muscles? Looking good is one benefit, but your health will improve as your tighten your abs.

Abdominal Exercises – Relieve Back Pain and Lose Your Love Handles With the Side Plank Exercise

Many people try endless side-bending and side-crunch exercises to lose their love handles and slim their waists. In this article I will introduce you to the Side Plank exercises. Not only will the Side Plank exercise will give you superior results compared to the other exercises I mentioned, they will also making your low back more resistant to injury by improving your spinal stability.

Why Do We Need to Exercise? 5 Points to Make You Start Working Out!

Why should we exercise? This article gives you 5 reasons as to why you should get your lazy ass up and start working out because exercise is definitely worth it. Whether you want be in a better shape or to attract the opposite sex or to increase your brain power or to boost your immunity, it’s all there in exercise…So read more to find out.

Abdominal Activation During Exercise – Drawing-In Versus Bracing

To Draw In Or Not To Draw In When I first started delving into the science behind “core” training over 10 years ago, the drawing-in maneuver was the big breakthrough. I first learned the technique from Paul Chek who learned it from a group of physiotherapists from New Zealand. The concept came from a book, Therapeutic Exercise for Spinal Segmental Stabilization in Low Back Pain by Richardson et al, that was based on some exciting new research.

Fall Fitness Ideas – 4 Ways to Challenge Your Outdoor Fitness

Fall into fitness! Change up your fitness regimen and get into the outdoors with cooler temps and great fall weather. Here are 4 ways to change up your workouts for Fall.

Five Exercises to Lose Back Fat Fast

Are you bothered with your back fat and love handles? Here are five exercises that can help.

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