AB Circuit to work on improving core strength

How to Design Your Own Kettlebell Workout

Continuously browsing for a good workout using kettlebells might be tiring for some of you. This article will teach you a simple method to design your own kettlebell workout, and help you get lean, strong, and healthy!

An Exercise Can Be Fatal

A regular, daily exercise is required to keep our body fit and healthy. But what if you have limited time to do it? Are you one of those people who would rather go to a gym two times a week and do vigorous activity for hours? Don’t you know that doing this could be detrimental to your health especially when you have not done any exercise previous to this?

A Plea For Your Fitness – And A Fast Food Fantasy!

Healthy is happy and it feels good! If you knew it was easy, with no huffing, puffing, or jumping up and down, would you exercise? How about if you knew you could find time on even your busiest day? Everyone can find their way to fitness, no exceptions. Change your choices. Don’t buy your food where you buy your gasoline. Choose “no label required” food. No, you don’t need to live the life of a Trappist monk. Use your self-discipline. You’re not a kid living in your parents house but you’ll still be in trouble if you take more than your fair share of the desserts.

3 Simple Tips To Get a Flat Stomach

With commitment, a plan of action and a little bit of willpower you can get a flat tummy. Knowing how to get a flat stomach is about having a fat-burning system that fits in with your lifestyle. Check out these 3 simple tips to get a flat tummy.

Exercise Tips For Men At Work

A big part of maintaining a healthy body along with a good looking figure is in getting enough exercise as part of your daily routine. Sure, that statement is not exactly a state secret, but it is surprising just how many men ignore that side of their health and then wonder why they are gaining weight. If you are one of those people who in particular lead a sedentary lifestyle, perhaps because of the job you do, then here are some useful exercise tips that might help you to turn things around.

5 Good Ways To Exercise At Home

Gyms do have lots of different sets of expensive exercise equipment to help you reach your fitness goals. But there are some great pieces of equipment that provide good ways to exercise at home that do not cost the earth to buy.

What Exercises Burn Belly Fat? The Key Is Consistency – Get Up and Exercise to Burn Belly Fat!

Exercise: Get Up and Go! The benefits of regular exercise are hard to exaggerate. It can help stave off depression, strengthen muscles, solidify bones, reduce risk for heart disease, reduce body fat, boost brain health, mitigate stress, and the list goes on. So why do some people dread it? Why do some people treat going out for a jog like getting a root canal at the dentist office? Here are a few ideas as to why some people are exercise averse, and a few more ideas for getting past those obstacles and out the door or into the gym.

Should You Work Out When You’re Sick?

Feeling a little under the weather but still want to get your workout in? We help break down when it is and isn’t safe to work out when you’re sick. Learn the tips that can benefit your health.

How To Live a Sensational Life Beyond 100

According to Statistics Canada we’re going to live to 100 and beyond. The question is, how do we make these years the healthiest, most sensational years of our lives?

How To Reduce Face Fat: 3 Of The Best Facial Exercises

Although, regular exercises will help you in getting rid of face fat, they will not help you in eliminating a lot of the fat. To reduce plenty of the fat you need to engage in facial exercises. The best exercises you need to engage in are: Neck and chin exercises These moves aid in helping you to firm your neck muscles and as a result burn fat in the neck region. You should sit or stand straight and then tilt your head backwards until you sense a strain on your neck muscles. At this position you should move your lower jaw up and down. For ideal results you should do this exercise five times a day.

Add Years to Your Life – Longevity Walking

My early morning training involves walking; in fact I walk every day for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes it’s fast other times it’s a slow meditation walk and I always include at least 250 steps backwards. You may be asking yourself, why walk backwards?

Benefits of Exercise for People With Sciatica

The spine is a highly complex piece of structural anatomy. Due to its intricacy, if not properly maintained, it can suffer damage or injury in the bones, cartilage, nerves, and connecting muscles and ligaments. One such condition that afflicts many people is sciatica, which manifests itself as pain, numbness, or spasms stemming from the lower back through the upper legs. Luckily sciatica exercises have effectively prevented or treated this condition in many cases.

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