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A Review of Muscle Anatomy

Whenever you read about exercises for building muscles, more often than not, you will hear terms like abs, pecs, quads or hamstrings. These terms actually refer to specific muscles in the body. There are around 640 to 641 muscles (depending upon your reference) in the human body.

Great Workouts for Six Pack Abs

When it comes to building up that sexy washboard belly, a lot of people tend to neglect exercising their obliques muscles. Any physical fitness trainer will tell you that it is not enough that you work out your six pack abs; you also need to exercise your obliques. In fact, it is your obliques that form the outer frame of your abdomen, thus highlighting your six pack.

Build Up Six Pack Abs During Summer

A lot of people tend to get caught up in the cool spring fever, only to discover that summer has already crept up on them without their noticing. While summer is definitely the time to go for less or more comfortable clothing, they are likely to be embarrassed to do so because they don’t have that sexy beach body for the summer. Although it is not too late to build up those sexy six pack abs, it may prove to be a challenge to do so, especially during those hot summer months when you prefer to just remain inactive.

Building Muscle – How to Get Bigger Biceps

Bringing out the big guns! There’s nothing more satisfying than looking down whilst wearing a T-shirt, and seeing two balls of meat protruding from your shoulders to your elbows, that look like they belong on the deck of a warship, beside the biggest cannons. Biceps are that sort of muscle, they certainly aren’t the biggest muscle on the body by a long shot!

How To Build Big Arms

Building big, muscular arms is easy when you learn how. Here are some instantly usable tips that will allow you to pack some size onto your upper arms and forearms.

Learn How To Gain Weight By Gaining Lean Muscle Mass

How would you like to learn how to gain weight fast? You might be sick and tired of not seeing your weight on the weighing scale increase. You might have just got home from stuffing yourself at the world’s biggest buffet and still can’t budge the scale. You could live on burgers and pizzas and your super fast metabolism would simply burn it off. You could spend hours at the gym doing weight training and strength training exercises and still not even gain a pound of extra muscle. Just incorporate these simple yet powerful techniques in you muscle gaining program and be shocked with the results in just a few weeks.

No Gym? No Problem – How To Build Muscle Without Weights

Most muscle building workouts tend to focus on lifting weights to stimulate muscle growth, with the individual progressively increasing the weight mass over time, resulting in enhanced strength and size. Sure, this is the tried and tested way to build muscle, but it is not the only way. This article is for people who are interested in building muscle from the comfort of their own home, without stepping one foot inside a gym.

Figure Competition Posing Tips

Figure competitions are exhilarating, and competing in one takes more than just strict dieting practices and extreme workouts. A figure contest is a multi-dimensional sport, and one VERY important element to the process is figure competition posing. To have the upper hand on stage you need to know the basics how to pose correctly. Therefore, this article will reveal to you some of the most important tips and tricks you should implement to take your physique to a new level and even win your contest.

Advantages Of Weight Training For Hardgainers

Can hardgainers gain muscle weight? Read and find out.

Trapezius Exercises For Size and Strength

How many times have you noticed a person walking on the beach with a huge upper back and shoulders? You may have also noticed how some guys can wear t-shirts and fill the neck muscles of the cliffs. This is the muscle that you are viewing is called to discover and harness. Trapezius muscle can be difficult for the muscles to work, because it is difficult to isolate the muscle. However, the right kind of exercises you will see improvements in terms of size and strength of the trapezius First, you need to understand where the harness and what kind of activity. Muscle is located at the top of the upper back and a diamond shape.

Build Muscle – Discover How To Build Muscle For Women

Contrary to what many people think, muscle building is not an activity that is meant for men only. Women also need to keep fit, lose fat and build their muscles for them to lead a healthy life. That is why it is important to know how to build muscle for women.

The Best Muscle Builder For Your Body

You can use the best muscle builder to help you build the muscles you want in no time. You want to explore all of the ways that you can build muscle and this can help you to find the right tips. You can find the things that you like the most and implement them into your program.

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