3 Of The Very Best Superfoods You Need To Eat More Of

Yes, you’ve heard it hundreds of times already – but you really ARE what you EAT. Whether you’re feeling depressed, lethargic, or bloated, switch the processed junk in your diet for these incredible superfoods. They all come with a plethora of benefits, ranging from fat loss to new cell development.

When Not to Eat Healthy

Some of you may be thinking that this is a very silly title. Especially for all my health freaks out there. I know that if I myself were to have seen a title like this my head would have exploded.

4 Small Diet Changes for Big Results

Cleaning up your diet can be one of the best ways to get healthy. In fact, only about 25% of your results will happen in the gym, while the other 75% happens in the kitchen. Cleaning up your diet can seem like a daunting task, but drastic changes are not necessary and will probably be unsuccessful for long-term change.

Garden of Life Raw Protein – Review

Garden of Life RAW Protein, 622g Powder – Protein powder review 2015. Pros, Cons, Purchasing information and more! A healthy living resource for everyone.

Vegetarian Health Risks! Not What You Think!

We often hear about B12 or not enough protein as the main risk factors, but something far more important is missing. Why we need specific proteins and fats is much more important than just cutting out a food group.

March Nutrition Month

The World Health Organization defines nutrition as “the intake of food considered in relation to the body’s dietary needs.” The significance of nutrition cannot be denied at any cost because it is directly involved with the health and wellness of individuals and overall communities. The science of nutrition not just involves taking in food, but it also involves the process of absorbing, assimilating, utilizing and even excreting the waste out of the body.

B Complex Can Trample Sugar Cravings: So Why Does It Sometimes Not Work?

Liquid B complex is the most effective way to stop a sugar craving. But occasionally, people say they tried it with no success. This article explores the common reasons that B complex may not work — and they’re all fixable.

Honey or Sugar – What Difference Does It Make?

While both honey and sugar are sweet and have a lot of calories, most of the similarities end right there. It is known that honey has 21 or 22 calories per teaspoon and sugar has 15 or 16. Should that difference in calories really matter to you, or are there other things more important when deciding which sweetener to select?

How Can You Help Your Body With Calcium Supplements?

Calcium is extremely important for maintaining bone and dental health. It can also be used for curing various types of cancers, such as colon cancer and may prove useful in fighting the symptoms of obesity.

Paleo Diet Plan Basics

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the Paleo Diet or Caveman Diet. But what exactly is it and what are the benefits? Many people tout the easy weight loss and increase in health benefits, but is it right for you?

Stop Counting Calories And Enjoy Your Food With 3 Easy Mindset Shifts

Are you tired of counting calories and grams of protein, fat and carbs? You don’t have to (Gasp!). Here’s what to do instead.

10 Reasons to Add Sweet Potatoes to Your Diet

Sweet potatoes are usually inexpensive and available all year around. Have you never tried them? If not, you are missing out on a whole lot of valuable nutrients. Find out which other benefits you are passing up.

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