Beginners Warm Up Exercises to Do Everyday

Top 3 Morning Home Fitness Plans

Many people enjoy a morning workout. First thing in the morning people start doing some type of home fitness plan. The fitness plan can be as basic as going for a morning walk around the neighborhood.

Assessing the Risks of an Exercise Program

Ready to start an exercise program? That’s great, but before you begin, I strongly suggest you get a health screening. An effective screening will help you identify any medical conditions or factors that place you at risk during exercise.

Stretching Routine for Air Travel

Eliminate fatigue during your flight using these basic stretching routines. This is the simplest way to keep refreshed, comfortable and comfortable on your flight. Exercise when you travel should help bring back balance by keeping muscle groups relaxed as well as decreasing soreness and stiffness.

Forging Elite Fitness: Crossfit

Power. Strength. Endurance. These are just a few words you may hear coming from an avid crossfitter when it comes to explaining what crossfit is.

Can Exercise Reduce Cholesterol? Guidelines And Tips

Can exercise reduce cholesterol? All of us know that exercise is generally good for fat reduction as well as to lead a healthier life. But can it really help in lowering down your cholesterol level?

2 Surgery Free Suggestions To Lift And Tighten Your Butt

There’s a lot of opinions out there on the BEST ways to workout your glutes and get that super model looking bum. This article narrows it down to the two most recognized and popular ways to lift your butt when surgery is not an option.

How To Become a Better Person Through Exercise

It may seem like the easy option to stay on the sofa, in front of the TV, but the benefits of taking some regular exercise are so great, you’d be mad to ignore them. So stop making excuses and get out there! Discover for yourself how exercise could transform how you feel.

Your First Figure Competition

If you have a goal and a burning desire to compete in your first figure competition, you may have come to realize that it takes more than just general dieting and working out to get in such great shape. You will need a committed goal, a deadline, and a successful action plan to make it from square one to the stage. In this short, yet very informative article, I’m going to share with you the things you need to set in motion to make your dream of competing in a figure contest a reality.

Plyometric Exercise For Speed, Power, and Fitness

If you are not familiar with plyometric exercise then let me introduce you to an extremely effective method of resistance training that is especially useful for you as an athlete. It is a great way to add some new spice to your regular workout routine and it will give your muscles additional shock to stimulate new growth, as well as increasing the speed and power of your movements dramatically. In the traditional resistance training model we tend to associate increased strength with increased power.

Top Two Exercise At Home Benefits

Are you letting excuses keep you from working out? Read more about the top two exercise at home benefits here.

How to Differentiate Pain After Work Outs – Strain Versus Sprain – Which Is Which?

Being a certified personal trainer for the past 20 years, I have seen many gym members complaining about muscle injury. However, many cannot differentiate or understand the meaning or difference between strain or sprain. This is why I will enlightened you with my knowledge about how to differentiate both. Certification is crucial when teaching others. You need to educate yourself and read about it more in medical journals. I hope my article will not bore you to death. I will do my best to keep your eyes open during reading.

Burpees Exercise: A Brutal Calorie-Burning Workout

You haven’t done a genuine high intensity workout until you’ve tried a burpees exercise routine. Yea, the name is kind of odd, but the results after a set of these are usually astounding. The burpee is one of those exercises that you’ll find commonly used in prisons since they’re intense and don’t require any equipment. Just your own body weight should do the trick.

Running – What You Need To Know For You To Get Started

When you begin to come up with an exercise routine be sure to include cardiovascular as this is a fantastic way to begin your workouts. Your cardiovascular system includes your heart and lungs and that is what you are looking to strengthen by utilizing a cardiovascular workout.

What Are Shin Splints? A Simple Explanation

Most people think they know what shin splints are but few are seldom right. This article explains what shin splints are, what causes them, how you can treat them, and a preventative measure you can take to minimize the possibility of suffering with them.

Home Exercise Practice and Routine for Women

A home exercise routine helps one who cannot find time to hit the gym everyday. There are various exercises for different muscle groups one can practice at home as a routine for better health. Some people may think the only way for one to lose weight and stay fit is to go to the gym every other day for hours at a time.

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