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Are Scoliosis Exercises A Waste of Time?

When it comes to actually reducing curvature of the spine using any treatment option, the first thing that needs to be questioned is the length of time the result from treatment should last. If you perform an exercise designed to reduce your scoliosis, how long will the result from that exercise program last. Tractioning a patient for 5 days, taking an x-ray immediately afterward, and then marveling at the 30% improvement, doesn’t provide evidence to claim that traction is a way to successfully treat scoliosis. The traction produces a temporary improvement but nothing that will last more than a few hours. Exercise is a very broad term that encompasses a wide variety of things. So when patients ask me if there are exercises they should be doing for their scoliosis, I usually respond with, “It depends on what you mean.” Exercises like, Pilates, yoga, cardiovascular, or weight lifting will have no ability to reduce or stabilize a child’s scoliosis. Sure there are few patients that did 5 years of Pilates or yoga and reduced their scoliosis by 5 or 10 degrees, usually adults, but this does not provide evidence that Pilates or yoga permanently reduces scoliosis.

Merry Fitness and a Happy New You

During the past couple of years, there has been certain health conditions have been on the rise that has not only affected adults but also our teenagers and our children. So starting an exercise program has always been on the minds of people today. Starting a physical fitness program is not an easy thing to do as it requires dedication and hard work and because of the most people will fail within the first couple of months.

Secrets Revealed – How To Get Six Packs Within Minimum Time

Getting a six pack body has never been as easy and simple as it is now. This article reveals some interesting secrets to achieving a six pack body within minimum time.

Learn About The Astonishing Benefits Of Walking

If you are one among this huge number, then it is time you got off the chair or couch and start walking. Walking has diverse benefits and we will be learning about them.

Seated Exercise Program for People With Mobility Issues

The sedentary lifestyle encouraged by mobility issues can lead to further health problems. Learn about an exercise program designed to address this issue.

How You Can Create A Daily Workout Routine

Getting started with any new training program can be rather difficult, and stepping into a CrossFit gym for the first time may be especially intimidating. In many cases, people who have been doing CrossFit for some time often have fantastic bodies and they are completely comfortable being half-naked and revealing their great abs. You will notice that the members understand specifically what they really need to do for their workout But you must not let that first overwhelming scene at the gym prevent you from joining in the CrossFit workouts and becoming one of those confident folks yourself!

Benefits Of Doing Your Workouts Out In The Open

During winter, doing your workouts out in the open can be a great turn-off, if it’s freezing outside and the streets are paved with snow. Moreover, the cold wind further discourages any thoughts about going outdoors. Snow, rain, and sleet do their best to act as impediments for sports lovers who like to breathe in fresh air and do their workouts by being close to the nature.

Monitoring Your Blood Pressure During the Winter Holidays

Cold weather can worsen hypertension or high blood pressure, particularly in older people. This is a medical condition where blood pressure in the arteries is increased making the heart work harder to circulate blood in the vessels. An inactive lifestyle during the cold winter months can complicate the condition in the elderly.

How to Keep Going to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Are you losing your enthusiasm to work out, just because of the lack of results you want to see? Maximize your fitness plan by staying motivated throughout your health journey. Learn some tips on how to keep one’s self motivated when trying to achieve your fitness goals.

Are You “Fitter Than a Fifth Grader?”

Do you remember the President’s Physical Fitness test from our elementary school days? Those elementary school days are long past, but the test can be a current assessment of strength, endurance, and flexibility. Future injury prevention, and the quality of life as you age, can be determined by the functional output of your physical capabilities.

Losing Weight – The Power of Practicing No

As a species, we are naturally inclined to say ‘yes’ to others. Unfortunately, sometimes we find ourselves saying yes even if it sets us back on our own goals and efforts to build good, healthy habits. For better or worse, saying yes and no have become complex matters. We don’t want to offend, but we also have a right to take care of ourselves and pursue the goals we have set. Learning the fine art of the appropriate way of saying no is a strong step in protecting ourselves as we develop the habits that will help us lose weight and feel better. Over the next 30 to 60 days, incorporate the tactics below to build your “No” muscle, and help yourself to healthier habits.

5 Secrets to Cultivate Your Energy

When there are simply not enough hours in the day, it’s virtually impossible to get the extra boost of energy you need to get you through the day! No fret, I have found a solution to help you cultivate your energy and really thrive. Read this article to find out my secrets and how they can help you too!

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