Bench Press “BOOSTING” Exercise (YOU’RE NOT DOING!)

Top 10 Workout Tips to Get Ripped

The top workouts to get ripped are those to which the body has not got used to yet. Our bodies get used to the routines and workouts that we perform most often. Actually, the more advanced our workouts are, the faster the body gets used to this particular workout. This is exactly why you should vary your training routine in order to achieve the best results. The best thing to do, then, is to use the ‘cycles,’ varying the routines, the number of reps for the sets performed and to vary the rest periods as much as possible. All of these will help you accomplish the best results when it comes to both the strength and build the muscles.

How To Gain Weight Quickly – Discover The Solution

The majority of people are trying to lose weight and that gets all the attention these days. However there are a few of us who would much prefer the opposite: weight gain. It’s ridiculous to most people who work hard on there treadmills and eat there calorie counted salads but for people trying to bulk up in the gym, a ‘hulk like’ physique is quite alluring; but first, how to gain weight.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Contribution To Weight Loss

For those of you who do not know who Frank Lloyd Wright was, he was probably the greatest architect to ever walk this planet. His designs are unmatched, and are nearly impossibly to try and replicate. The horizontal lines, natural materials, and just the way a building responds to its surroundings is something that no other architect has been able to capture.

Carbohydrates: The Power of Food to Help You Gain Weight

Many people talk about protein and how you need this much and that much in order to gain muscles and weight, but so many people neglect that your body runs on carbohydrates. Having little to no carbohydrates causes your body to switch to a different source of energy, be it fat, muscles or even your protein. My recommendation is to ensure that your proteins are used to repair your muscles and the carbohydrates are used to fuel your day including your gym session. Here are some calorie-dense options for you to choose from.

7 Gym Tips To Build Muscles and Gain Weight For Skinny Guys

In my 8 years of experience, both as a personal trainer and a skinny guy who finally gained weight, I realized 3 things. If you want to gain weight by building muscles you must eat the correct food type, avoid steroids usage, (it will affect your health in the future) and also train properly. Here are my top 7 tips to train right.

7 Tips For an Ectomorph To Gain Weight

In order to gain weight healthily, you will have to eat right, exercise intensely, and sleep well. This is more difficult if you are skinny or otherwise known as an ectomorph. I know firsthand how this feels because I was also stuck in the same situation before. Let me aid you with the 7 key tips for a skinny person and an ectomorph to gain weight.

Weightlifting Beginner

Going to the local gym can be a pretty intimidating scene for the average weightlifting beginner. After all, differences in strength between experienced weightlifters and beginning weightlifting students is considerable.

Getting Lean With Pilates

Ladies are often in the pursuit for a lean and taut body and wonder what is the best workout to get lean for women. If you wish to achieve the lean muscles and svelte figure of a dancer, but do not have much rhythm, the best workout to get lean for woman is to practice Pilates.

4 Muscle Building Mistakes

Time is precious a commodity. I wasted three years of my training life making bone head mistakes in the gym, thinking I was Rocky Balboa or Arnold Schwarzenegger and pounding myself into the ground. I went from 160 pounds soak and wet to a whopping 163 pounds from 2009-2012.

Fitness Made Simple With These Simple Steps

It’s not always easy to find high-quality fitness information on the Internet. You may find yourself overwhelmed with information, and wonder if you’ll ever actually begin working on your fitness goals.

Gaining Muscle Fast!

Lots of people spend years gaining their muscles but don’t get the results they want. Others want to get bigger, but they just don’t know where to start. Whether you want to bulk up, get a bigger chest, or want to achieve any other muscle gaining goal. Here’s some great tips and tricks that will help you immediately get better results.

Will Women Bulk Up?

Will women bulk up if they lift weights? The answer that most women are looking for.

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