Best Pull-Up Variations to try!

Why Perform Kettlebell Training At Home?

Keeping a set of Kettlebells in the house is one of the very best things you can do to ensure your body is taken to the next level. There are plenty of times when lack of time or motivation to go out in the cold or walk 25 minutes to the Gym prevents us from doing a session. There are plenty of times when we leave the gym early as we don’t want to be having our evening meal to late or we are running late for work (assuming you are a morning trainer).

Fitness Tips For A Successful Weight Loss Plan

Making exercise fun and enjoyable keeps you on track with your fitness plans. When you enjoy what you are doing, it is easier to look forward to it each day. Read on for some fun and entertaining ways to exercise and get the healthy body you desire.

Massage Therapy Compliments Workouts

An introduction into many of the reasons why adding massage therapy to your workout and wellness regimen is a great idea. There are many facts regarding massage therapy as a fantastic way to improve overall wellness and feeling of wellbeing. Take a look at how adding a small step in your exercise routine can truly improve your life.

Never Lock Your Joints When Repping

You have likely been told that you always want to maximize your range of motion to fully hit the muscle evenly and to get deep tears. This is true however there is a slight modification to this I want to point out that is much more effective than the complete range. What I mean by this is when you are performing an exercise, any exercise there is always going to be a distinct point right before the full contraction that is better to stop at.

Proper Stretching to Avoid Injuries in the Cold Weather

Exercising in cold weather increases the risk of sustaining damage to joints, muscles, and tendons. Learning to properly warm up and stretch before exercising in winter can prevent many of these common injuries.

Cultivating a Fitness Lifestyle

The human body has been around without significant change for thousands of years. You can research any century and find examples of great athletic bodies. As a man would you not be content with the body of Michelangelo’s sculptured David? The principles of muscular development have been around for ages.

Self-Audit Your Workouts For Maximum Muscle And Strength Gains

Everyone knows that each body differs, in small or large ways, from other people’s bodies. So why do so many believe that any one workout is best for building muscles and maximizing strength gains for everyone?

4 Simple Ways To Get Fit

It is never easy to become fit. When your age is catching up, getting fit is more difficult to accomplish. Here you will find 4 simple tips to get you going. They will improve your fitness in the a very short time.

Learn Quick And Easy Tips To Get Fit

It’s one thing to want to become more physically fit, and another thing entirely to actually do it. Many people start out with big fitness goals, only to lose interest and enthusiasm down the line. This article will help you stay on track with your fitness goals, and get the results you’ve been wanting.

My Typical Response Was – I Hate Working Out

I’ve always been thin, and not into sports. I felt I needed to exercise, if only to build self-esteem. Although to me, exercising was a daunting task and joining a gym was not an option. It’s only been as I’ve aged, that I suddenly came to the conclusion that I needed to face my phobias and do what I had always thought impossible.

Is Physical Inactivity a Health Problem?

Physical activity and nevertheless inactivity has been a widely debated topic for many decades. In addition, inactivity is suggested to be a global health problem as it has been found not only to be contributing to increasing the risk of coronary heart disease, but also to a host of other diseases such as hypertension and diabetes type 2.Yet, whether this link between physical inactivity and coronary heart disease exists or not, and its level of importance for mortality, is still an ongoing topic in research.

The Ideal Fitness System For Men

By now you should know the top four things that will help you transform your physique. If you forgot, let me remind you. They are weight lifting, cardio, nutrition and motivation.

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