Build Upperbody Strength & Size With Dumbbells Only!

Aerobics Exercise and Living a Healthy Life

Walking fast, jogging, cycling, swimming and aerobic classes are all ways to experience the health benefits of aerobic exercise. The health benefits to the body and the mind are nearly endless when you make aerobics a regular part of your life.

Delayed Muscle Onset Soreness

Sometime when you push your workouts to a level that your body isn’t used to you will experience pain in the muscles. Why does it come on? Is there anything you can do for it? It’s called Delayed Muscle Onset Soreness and will produce that soreness that occurs after intense training or exercise.

Open Question – Does Muscle Burn Fat?

Does muscle burn fat? Of course it does. But you have to get the large muscles of the body working and pumping to get the body to be able to burn off the fat even while in a resting state. To give an easy answer to that question would be to say “Yes. Muscle burns fat.” However, there is more to the answer than just a simple yes.

Do You Train in All Three Planes of Motion?

Human movement primarily occurs in three planes of motion, the Frontal Plane (up and down), the Transverse Plane (rotational) and the Sagittal Plane (forwards and backwards). Within these three planes, however, there are infinite amounts of variability as you change elevation, twist, or move diagonally across your movement patterns. Very rarely during do you stay in just one plane of motion during your daily activities. So why do most people train in just one plane of motion? Read the article to follow to learn how to add instant gains to your fitness program.

Navy SEALS Workouts Are Different To Typical Fitness Training Methods

A Navy SEALS Workout is different to the goals of a typical fitness or bodybuilding workout. A typical fitness workout may focus on improving endurance and reducing fat, where as a bodybuilding workout focuses on the aesthetics of building muscle.

Chest Exercises Without Weights That Can Be Done Outside Of The Gym

Let’s look at 3 effective chest exercises without weights. These exercises are useful for building or maintaining chest muscle, whether as a substitute for weight training when you are away from the gym, or as a complete alternative to weight training.

Flat Abs Diet – 3 Key Tips for a Great Flat Abs Diet

If you’ve been trying to get a good set of abs with tons of exercise and endless sets of crunches, then you’ve been doing things all wrong! Of course training is important, but if you want to really make progress, you’re going to have to have a good flat abs diet. Here are three key tips for a good flat abs diet that WILL help you reach your goals.

Amp Up Your Workout With A Plan

Is your workout lacking some “umph” but you don’t know why? Maybe the missing ingredient is nothing more than having a game plan! You’re leaving your results to chance if you show up at the gym without first creating a plan of action. Just like a good business plan lays out the expected growth and projected profits for your business, so should you outline a plan for your fitness goals. Follow these three super easy steps to get the most out of your gym time.

The Beginner’s Quick Start to Indoor Cycling Class

Are you thinking about starting indoor cycling classes or feel intimidated by them? A certified cycling instructor walks you through the quick basics and set-up so you can get on your way to being one of those sweaty, happy bodies!

What Exercises To Lose Love Handles

What exercises to lose love handles are best – what would you think? We all know what love handles are right? Known affectionately, or not, as muffin tops, belly rolls, and spare tires among others; it is also the most stubborn fat to get rid of. The first to settle in and the last to move out, so to speak.

Ways To Get Rid Of Thigh Fat

Thighs are a problem area for most women, and even some men have some extra fat on their thighs that they would not mind getting rid of. If you are trying to get rid of that pesky thigh fat, first and foremost you must be conscious of your diet. Carefully watch what you eat and try to stay away from foods that are high in carbohydrates, such as breads.

How To Trim Down Thigh Fat Without Dieting

When people are overweight or have fat stored in certain areas of the body, they tend to turn to strict diets, believing that they will resolve their problems. This is usually to no avail. There are many such problem areas on the body and one of the most popular are the thighs. Below are tips on how to trim down thigh fat without dieting, but will achieve satisfying results quickly to anyone who commits themselves to the goal.

It’s Time For Slimming Exercises For Thighs

Warm weather and figure-revealing clothes inspire nearly everyone to want to look better. Most women find that the areas they most want to improve are their hips and their upper legs. They might be tempted to plunge into a program of exercises to get slimmer thighs without really knowing the best approach.

Summer Shape Up – Tips for Workouts in the Hot Summer Sun

Most of the country looks forward to the arrival of summer and warmer weather. Those that are active can’t wait to get outside. Find out tips on how to get your summer workouts in or create inspiring hot weather workouts in a safe, effective way.

How To Get Slimmer Thighs

Because women age it may become more nearly impossible to find aerobic or other health and fitness activities that not produce excessive levels of soreness or even discomfort within the joints or even other parts of the body. Many old women are desperate to discover ways to get thinner thighs, but discover that the choices are high-impact and hard to interact in. The good thing is that there are many activities that may tone as well as slim this particular troublesome region without jarring the actual joints or even causing pain.

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