Build Your TRICEPS Using Only Dumbbells 🦾 #1

Lower Ab Exercise Is a Must to Have an Amazing Six Pack

Lower ab exercise needs to be a part of a good workout. Especially when working out the mid section. I know sometimes it is hard to workout your abs and even have energy to do it when you already worked out for an hour or so in the gym, building muscle and doing cardio. But the truth is that the abdominal area of the body is also a muscle and in order to have a good looking, cut, ripped abs, you need to do abdominal exercises that also constitute lower ab exercise in the routine.

10 Ways To Work Out At Home!

The great thing is that even if you only have 15 minutes, there are plenty of ways that you can exercise using short, high intensity burst workouts which can be done in the comfort of your own home in just a few days a week. Read on to learn more about the best exercises that pack a punch in just a quarter of an hour!

Spring Cleaning: 5 Fresh Ideas to Grow Your Workout Routine

Spring is the time to spruce up the workout routine. These five fresh ideas will challenge and change your mind and body.

Core Workouts For A Tight Midsection

Fitness and more fitness is all the rage right now, and for good reason especially with the rate of obesity increasing by the day. With this is mind there are several options that can be taken on by different individuals, and one of the most basic alternatives is the crunches.

Walking For Exercise With A Twist That Will Please The Whole Family

Walking is a great low-key exercise – low stress and it keeps you moving. But it’s not too appealing to kids. And you’re looking for exercise that will fit with the whole family fitness plan – not just you.

How To Get Better Muscle Tone

More muscle tone is what everyone wants, isn’t it? Not the ‘Terminator’ type muscles, but good, lean, healthy toned muscles.

Ouch! Roller Blading Safety Tips For Roller Blading Fun

Roller blading safety makes roller blading fun. The fear of falling fades when you know you have protection. Find out how to blade safely…

Balance Exercises for Seniors, Get Chinese!

We all know how important balance is for seniors. The Chinese say that old age starts in the legs, then creeps up the body. Seriously, that is ‘energetically’ what actually happens. One has to create and keep a good ‘grounding’ with the earth in order to stay balanced.

Different Types of Push Ups to Include in Your Workout

If you’re serious about increasing strength and endurance, these exercises are a fantastic way to help. A lot of students have trouble performing press ups when they start, but with consistent training, they’re fairly easy to learn. Here are a few to add to your workout; while the basic idea is the same (rest on your hands and feet and lift your own body weight), these exercises put more strain on different muscle groups.

Basic Training Program To Increase Your Strength

Once a good warm up has been done then these can be taken on in moderation so that the muscles of the body can acclimatize to the workout. Using these weights does wonders for the arms and the chest, and allows the muscles to get the right workout in moderation. Worth noting is that the workout should consist of some cardio vascular workouts, such as jogging slowly on the treadmill or cycling.

Zumba: The Spicy Way To A Skinnier Middle

So what exactly is this craze with the infomercials and weird name? Maybe it is a real testimony to its popularity that Zumba has been going strong for around 10 years despite the queasy feeling you get when you first here about it.

Common Training And Exercise Excuses

Exercise and training programs can take some motivation and efforts to be able to become a habit and there are extensive well known training and exercise excuses. Establishing such a habit from exercising can be very tough particularly if you see it as some additional task that must be executed. Looking at a fitness plan in this way can potentially make one quit attempting right before one has really started out.

Mom-Baby Fitness: Playful and Simple

Mom-baby fitness isn’t as hard as it may seem. Here are some of my favorite moves for playing and exercising with my kids when they were teeny…

Workout Strategies: Common Missteps When Starting Your Workout Program

Working out is something that a lot of people try at least one time in their lives. I’m not talking about high school sports, I’m talking about actually going to a gym or buying workout equipment for the purpose of getting into shape. But, a lot of these people have no clue as to what they are doing.

What Are The Benefits of Compound Exercises For Muscle Growth?

Compound exercises are very beneficial for those who juggle between different commitments like work, school, home and sports. As they increase strength and size much more than the traditional exercises, they also produce more bulk and power.

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