Burn Belly Fat and Get Abs

Water And Exercise – What’s The Real Connection?

You probably know this already, the human body is made up with over 75% of water. Without water you could survive for 3 days in total. Without water you will suffer from severe dehydration, dizziness and will eventually collapse.

Inadvertent Exercise and the Older Woman

I have always been athletic and trim…right up until I had kids. Then came gravity, menopause and lots of extra pounds. Now at almost 50, I find it almost impossible to get it off and keep it off….My boys in the interest of keeping me healthy, talked me into purchasing a X-box 360 with Kinect, (sure it’s for my health…) and I bought a Zumba DVD for it. If you have ever actually tried to learn Zumba on a DVD, you will understand the frustration.

Workout Environment: 5 Elements to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Exercise Setting

Environment has such a large impact on our willingness and commitment to exercise. If your surroundings are not encouraging, then neither are you likely to be.

About Resistance Bands

How to use resistance bands as a simple low cost training aid to help you get fit and stay fit – whatever your age or present state of fitness. You can use resistance bands at home to fit in with your life style and even take them with you if you have to travel.

The Unexposed Secret Of Ab Exercises At Your Work Desk

Get ready to learn about the ab workout routines you can do at your workplace or sitting at your desk. These workout routines will absolutely enhance your abs, without having to haul your butt to the gym!

The Many Benefits of Regular Exercise

Need some motivation to get into better shape? In this article is a long list of the many benefits of regular exercise. Print it and tape it to your mirror. You will be reminded about the importance of exercise for overall health.

Health and Fitness Gym Tips

Becoming a member at a health and fitness gym these days is viewed in more positive terms that ever before. Gone are the times when someone might think of you as conceited just because you wear fitness clothing and walk around with a gym bag.

Exercise Boredom: Ways To Keep Your Cardio Workout From Becoming Stale

Is your cardio workout starting to feel like yesterday’s news? If you do the same workout for too long, it becomes stale. That makes it harder to make training gains. Not only does your body adapt to doing the same thing over and over, you either lose your enthusiasm or you put your workout on autopilot by simply going through the motions. Neither will help you reach your fitness goals. The question is how can you keep your cardio workouts fresh and avoid the stale workout syndrome?

Worst Ab Exercise

This is usually the time of year when we start looking at our waistline which has probably increased from all the good food eaten during the holiday season. The motivation for doing abdominal or ab exercise is no doubt augmented by the blizzard of commercials for products that will help us reduce our waistline in less time and more effectively. Giving us the “six pack abs” that we desire.

Simplify Your Strength-Training Routine With Bodyweight Exercises

Whether you want to lose weight or you’re just trying to get stronger, strength training is an essential part of any exercise routine. Strength training sculpts lean muscle, boosts your metabolism and protects against bone and muscle loss. But if you think the only way to reap these body benefits is by purchasing a gym membership or investing in a costly home gym with dumbbells, barbells and resistance machines, think again; utilizing your own body weight is a fantastic way to build muscle strength when you don’t have access to gym equipment. Kick start your strength training routine by trying these simple and effective bodyweight exercises.

Fashion and Fitness: What to Wear to the Gym

If you’ve searched for ‘gyms near me’, decided to take the plunge and it’s your first time going to the gym, the main thing you’re likely to be worrying about is not sticking out like a sore thumb in inappropriate gym wear. So while you’re finding your way around the gym and getting to grips with the exercise machines you want to be able to just blend in with everybody else.

Learning How To Increase Vertical Jump Effectively

Once you have mastered these elevated jumps, the next step to increase vertical jump has to be some toe raises. This exercise is even more versatile than elevated jumps; you need no equipment at all here to be successful and you really can do it anywhere, even in the queue for the ATM machine. By studying the professionals while you watch the game on the big screen it will become a whole lot simpler to understand just how they propel themselves so high up into the air, crouching down first and using their muscles to lift their weight off the floor.

The Best Exercise Routines For Women

Exercise routines for women need not be that much different than those exercise routines the men use to achieve body health and fitness. Only when you are pregnant does the exercise routine have to differ from those that the men carry out. One of the keys to a good exercise routine is changing from one workout to another and creating variation in your overall workout.

How To Grow Taller Through Exercises

If you want to know how to grow taller through exercises, then you should also know about all the options you have. In this article I want to illustrate what exercising is all about so that you can pick the exercises that you’ll enjoy the most.

Exercises To Get Taller: Lengthen Your Spine

From all the exercises to get taller, it is easiest if you start with the ones that concentrate on your spine. Most of the people make fast progress here because the spine’s bone structure is so susceptible to certain stretches and exercises.

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