Cable Exercises For Your Rear Delt & Traps!

Running to Lose Weight – How I Lost 58 Pounds After Pregnancy

Running to lose weight is a great way to lose those extra pounds after having your baby. There are several benefits to running as your exercise to lose belly fat fast. Here are 5 benefits to get you running out the door.

Best Bicep Workouts

Tell you about the best bicep workouts. How they can help you gain muscle fast.

Health Benefits of Bikram Yoga – Learn How You Can Be Part of It

Bikram Yoga is a system of yoga that has been around since the early 1970s, and I see a few of their studios opening around London. The main benefits are weight loss, as between 500 and 1250 calories can be burned per session depending on the intensity of these cardio-intensive workouts and other factors. The other main benefit is mental well-being, as participants are required to detach from everything and focus on their breathing.

Get Slender: Cross-Training

Not long ago, it was the turn of the new year. Many of us made new year’s resolutions relating to weight loss and exercise goals. We would all like to drop the extra weight we may have been carrying for many years and get slender.

Bicep Workouts Basics

This article will be talking about the basics of bicep workouts. What the general ideas going in will be and what’s needed to begin.

Exercising Away Your Cellulite

There are no “miracle exercises” to fight cellulite but the right ones can help. When performed properly, they will definitely accelerate the loss of cellulite.

The Advantages of Interval Training

For some time now, the majority of people have been under the impression that doing traditional cardio workouts was necessary in order to burn fat. While this certainly is effective, interval training is actually more efficient and provides better results overall.

How Automation of Core Processes Results in Better Fitness Management

Automation of various processes in fitness management can markedly boost overall business performance of gym centers and help managers to reduce costs while allowing marketing staff to identify prospect clients. Business performance of a fitness center can also be improved by the means of performance management, while functionality can be incorporated into decent fitness management systems along with other functions covering various business processes and procedures.

How to Stay Physically Fit During The Winter Months

During the spring and summer, people walk and jog in the park, and along the street. Others jump in their cars and drive to the local gym to work out. Physical activity is often at its maximum during this time of the year. However, during the winter months, the cold temperature, snow, and icy roads keep most of us indoors. More time is spent on the couch. Our physical activity decreases as our caloric intake increases.

Warm Up and Cool Down Correctly – The Key to Safe Exercise

Warm up and cool down exercises are a vital part of your fitness routine. Keep your exercise routine safe with these safe stretch tips.

Increase Your Vertical Leap By Doing Squats

In order to maximize our leaping abilities, we must have high levels of relative strength. This refers to how strong we are pound for pound. You might have noticed that quite a few leapers are rather skinny. While others may be able to lift more weight, they don’t carry around as much weight either.

Pilates Can Help PMS Symptoms

If you suffer from PMS (pre-Menstrual syndrome) then please be aware that you can find relief through the regular practice of Pilates. There are also other ways that you can reduce the systems such as introducing lifestyle changes, eating a healthy diet and practising regular exercise.

Winter Fitness Tips To Keep Your Body In Tip-Top Shape!

The winter season is filled with tempting dishes, delectable sweets, and yummy cocktails. It’s easy to get swept up into the cycle of unhealthy eating. Don’t worry, there are surefire ways to stay fit, and make healthy choices while enjoying this season.

Abs Exercise You MUST Include In Your Fitness Training Program

You might not have time to hit the gym but you sure can do these exercises at home. A busy work schedule is no excuse for you to forgo these exercises! Do these exercises early in the morning or in evening for improved body shape and long-lasting health!

Fitness Trends to Follow In 2012

Like each year, this year’s beginning has got us all excited about our new fitness training plans. 2012 will be no different when it comes to sparking our interest in health and fitness training. However, for once, let us stop and rethink our resolutions and long-term health goals.

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