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Fitness Tips To Get You Started, Get You Motivated and Get You Fit!

Working out in the gym is something most people dread. Although this might be a fact, another fact that we need to understand is that having proper fitness is essential to our lives. This article will focus on things that you should do to get your fitness workouts started.

Six Pack Abs and Strong Core

Core, core and more core. Have you heard this word lately? I must admit I’m more than a little tired of this buzz word.

Your Prescription Is Exercise

A recent study in USA Today found that many people who are overweight or obese aren’t talking to their doctors about their weight, and their doctors aren’t always bringing it up either. With the alarming number of people who are overweight and obese in this country, we should be talking about it, and not just on the news. Doctors should be talking about the health risks to being overweight or obese.

Using the Power of Elastic: 7 Ways on How You Can Train Hard and Effectively Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands have been around and still many people don’t realize the vast amount of areas they can be used to train. Here are 7 ways that you can start training today. Just pick the area you want to focus on and do it.

What Is “HIIT”?

What is H.I.I.T. Training? -It stands for “High Intensity Interval Training” and consists of a short burst of high-intensity work followed by a lower-intensity active recovery period.

What Can You Do To Get Those Ripped Abs?

Choosing the right fat loss program can be the extra push you need for getting that ripped abs appearance. Normally when you start a weight loss program, you concentrate on burning fat and then you could end up with a skinny body that doesn’t have much muscle tone to show for your efforts.

Exercise Periodization

A macrocycle is typically a years worth of training and is broken down even further into mesocycles. The theory of General Adaptation Syndrome or GAS is the body’s ability to adapt to a variety of stress that comes with exercise. For example cardio training strength training and interval training that occur in one of the phases of a macrocycle.

Great Hotel Workout – Plank Exercise

A hotel workout is important when you are traveling. If you travel on a regular basis, working out is not always an activity that you include in your schedule.

Fitness Tips for the Holiday Season

Living a happy, healthy life starts with a balanced diet and exercise. As much as we enjoy the Holidays, they can become a major challenge for a fit lifestyle. Here are some helpful hints on how to manage the Holiday Season.

Swimming For Fat Loss

When you were a child, it is likely you spent a lot of time in a swimming pool, if not in a lake, a river or the lovely beach. Enjoying the water with your family and friends was so enjoyable that you probably didn’t understand how advantageous the low impact exercise was for your health. Each time you go for a swim, you’re exercising every single muscle throughout your body, whilst getting a wonderful cardio workout. Should you dislike the large impact force on your joints from jogging or running, swimming will probably be your perfect strategy to lose stomach fat rapidly.

Fitness – Cycle Your Training

Things are constantly changing in life and in your personal fitness. The truth is you are either improving or deteriorating in some way (especially as we age). That is why the notion of working out to “maintain” a certain degree of fitness is somewhat of an untruth. How many people do you know who are fit who just workout to “maintain”? I would hazard to guess not many if any.

Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Working out becomes exponentially more difficult during the colder months. Outdoor workouts become pretty much unbearable, gyms become over-crowded, and even the thought of breaking a sweating sends a (literal) shiver down your spine. But the temperature is decreasing is no excuse for your body mass index to increase.

Why Donkey Calf Raises Will Change Your Calves Forever

The calves are a notoriously difficult muscle group to achieve results in. Learn why the donkey calf raise is the superior exercise to seated or standing calf raises.

5X5 Workout – Stronglift Magic

We know it’s not really magic, but you will be amazed at how quickly you see results from a 5X5 workout stronglift routine. Performing squats correctly will go a long way toward the new physique you desire.

5X5 Workout – The Basics Are What Make Them Work for You

The main reason that a 5X5 workout is effective is that repetition brings about repetition. Anything that you focus on doing will continue to be your focus.

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