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Power Napping For Powerlifters (and Bodybuilders Too!)

Look at everything you do in the gym right now. Think about the tough, brutal and long workouts you endure on a daily basis. Then, look at the foods you shovel down the hatch on a daily basis. Now, look at your results. Think about the gains you’ve made in the gym in the last year. Are they satisfactory? Now, consider what kind of rest you would have seen if you had given your body a separate and individual ‘growth period’ each day in which new muscle was formed!

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Growing New Muscle

It’s time to beef it up. It’s time to add steak, hamburger, and another other prepared method of beef to your daily diet. Start small so that your gut doesn’t become too upset, but no doubt, you should be consuming 3 to 8 ounces of beef 2 to 3 times per day. Let’s examine some of the benefits for the bodybuilder who is considering adding more beef to his diet.

Isolated and Compound Training: Making An Effective Workout Routine

We’ve all seen the standard leg workouts where you move from heaviest, to heavy, to moderate, to light, increasing your reps with each successive movement. This is great for building muscle mass, but tends to neglect the ‘class’ that comes from training using higher repetitions. Let’s look at a reversed leg workout which allows the trainer to target isolation movements first, followed by heavier compound movements.

6 Tips To Gain Muscle Mass

Most people only pay attention to the concentric exercise, when you contract the muscle (lifting the weight). But in the negative phase (when you turn the weight at the initial stage), people generally have a tendency to drop the weight, or because the load is too high or because they know the importance of the negative part of the exercise. This is the main stage to achieve hypertrophy.

When Stretching Is A Bad Idea

The cool weather is upon us and the urge to stay cuddled-up warm and cozy under the covers can be pretty strong. But this is the time of year many try to start anew with resolutions to get in shape and lose weight.

Creative Protein Powder Delivery Systems

We are all aware of how effective protein powder can be for helping us to develop stronger, leaner physiques. When you drink 3-4 shakes each day, your physique gets harder, you find an extra repetition or two on each set in the gym, and overall, you just get better at everything as a result of the increased brain function that amino acids from the protein deliver.

Alternating Protein and Sleep Schedules For Faster Recovery

Every single one of us budgets our resources on a daily basis, depending upon what we will need for that day. If you’re going to be out in the sun, you pack a few extra bottled waters. If you’ll be driving all over the city, then you are sure to put some extra gas in your car. We plan ahead on so many of the mundane details of our everyday lives that we often don’t even bother keeping track of such things. We’ve been doing it for so long that it just becomes automatic.

Playground Back and Biceps Workouts

Here you will discover a quick and painless way to hit your latissimus dorsi, the muscles of the back, and really nail down some width. All you will need is a playground with a hanging chin bar or monkey bar.

Hitting Biceps and Triceps Twice Per Week For Optimal Gains

There is the key to making better gains when it comes to training the biceps and triceps in particular – you need to train them more. This guide has tips on how to improve this muscle group.

5X5 Workout – The Intermediary Between Strength Reps and Muscle Mass Reps

Learn the intermediary between gaining strength and gaining muscle mass. Using a 5×5 workout, you can add hard and lean dense muscles.

Foods to Get a Six Pack – 3 Breakfast Super Foods Which Burn Belly Fat and Build Six Pack Abs

If you’re serious about building six pack abs then your breakfast is the most important meal of the day because your body has been recovering in sleep and is starved of energy so first thing in the morning it’s your opportunity to feed your body some much needed great foods which will kick start your metabolism. Porridge/Oats – This an ideal breakfast for first thing in the morning because it contains lots of good carbohydrates which will release energy over a longer period of time. It also contains a lot of protein and fibre which will keep you…

High Repetition Leg Training

Take a month to just scale back the leg training. You’ll still be spending 90 minutes per week hitting your legs, but you’ll be cutting back the weight and bumping up your repetitions. Training in this matter allows your very tired and sore joints and tendons to rest while delivering a new level of intensity and an isolation and targeting of your various muscle fiber types. Happy training!

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