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Do You Really Want to Lose Belly Fat and Get Healthy?

One of the most risky things you can do to yourself is carry around excess belly fat. This compromises your health making heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and cancer increased risks. In fact having excess fat is deemed to be more risky than having excess fat in other places of your body. If you have decided to lose excess belly fat then read further for some of the best exercises for improved health.

Tips to Cut Stomach Fat and Flatten Abdominals

You can cut stomach fat and achieve flat abs by following these simple exercise and diet tips. Although it’s tempting to do a thousand crunches a day in an effort to cut stomach fat and get flat abs, don’t focus exclusively on your abs when working out.

The Dumbbell Workout – 5 Exercises to Tone Your Body

Dumbbells are a sound investment if you want to work out anytime and virtually any place. The below exercises performed 2 to 4 times per week will greatly improve your fitness and tone your body (alongside a good balanced diet).

Get in Fat Burn Mode With HIIT Training

Do you find yourself doing cardio and not getting the results you would like? Doing traditional cardio is a waste of time. Learn about a type of cardio that actually burns more fat than traditional cardio.

Why You’re Happy Being Unhealthy, Fat or Skinny

Why it’s easier to quit than work hard! How many times have you decided that it’s time to get fit, you know finally tackle the worries in your mind over your health or weight? It could be you want to slim down for the next beach holiday or a new year’s resolution, maybe even you have been told by your health advisor.

Regular Physical Activity Is Recommended to Fight Age

If you’re looking for the fountain of youth, the answer may lie in the great outdoors. By putting on a pair of running shoes and heading out for a walk or jog, you can improve your health to fight the visible effects of age.

Exercise: How to Get Started

Most of us know that exercise is important for a long and healthy life, but we don’t necessarily have that burning desire to exercise in the early morning or late evening after a long day at work. Regardless, your body craves regular exercise and a healthy diet to operate at optimal capacity. If you have doubts about the benefits of exercise, just ask anyone who has lived to be 65, 75 or over who are in better physical shape than some people half their ages. They have practiced positive lifestyle habits, such as exercising daily, eating healthy and stress management to turn their life around.

Boost Your Energy With An Exercise Program On An Elliptical Trainer

We have an energy crisis in America. We are over stressed, which is affecting our sleep patterns, diets, and levels of exercise. Those who suffer from fatigue are always trying to simply “make it through the day”, reaching for the most convenient food, and trying to expend as little energy as possible, which means avoiding exercise. We try to find extra energy by drinking coffee, energy drinks, or foods containing sugar for that short term energy boost. These substances rob the body of nutrition and ultimately make the problem of fatigue worse. Regular exercise has been shown to increase energy in a healthy way, and an exercise program on an elliptical trainer could be just the thing you need to keep your energy levels high throughout your day.

2 Simple Rules for Being Lean and Healthy

Calories Burned vs Consumed. Fitbit vs My Fitness Pal. The two necessities for fitness success.

Exercise On An Elliptical Trainer To Better Manage Your Diabetes

Diabetes is a very serious chronic disease that can cause debilitating health problems if it is not effectively managed. People with diabetes are at significantly higher risk of developing heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, eye complications and blindness, foot problems, nerve damage, foot problems, and even dental problems like gingivitis. Medications can help to keep the blood sugar at healthier levels, but all medications have their own side-effects and risks. Regular exercise like the kind you get on an elliptical trainer can help to manage your diabetes while keeping medication use to a minimum.

While Chasing The Ever Elusive ABS 6 Pack, Sugar Became My Foe

Your ‘six pack’ is hidden under a layer of surplus fat because you’ve been making some very bad food choices? It’s not your fault really. The information you’ve been given is misleading and colored by the media and the self interests of the corporations that are creating many of the foods you choose. Chemicals make our bodies do things that cause us to gain weight even though we don’t seem to eat as much. Instead of building our bodies, the foods we eat are causing our bodies to suffer with inflammation. The inflammation opens the door for other diseases like cancer, diabetes and hyper-tension. It is important for us all to begin to decipher and understand the ingredients list on the packaging of the foods we buy. We must pay close attention to the origins of the foods we choose and we must insist that the ‘GE’ (Genetically Engineered) and ‘GMO’ (Genetically Modified Organism) foods, lining our produce aisles, grocery store shelves, meat produce areas and freezers, be readily identifiable for all of us. The time has come to step up and insure that the foods we consume are both safe and nutritious for ourselves and future generations to come.

3 Common Excuses For Avoiding Your Workout – And How to Banish Them From Your Life!

Every single day, you can find at least one “reason” why you simply can’t do your workout today. Don’t let these “reasons” take control – banish those excuses! Here, we’re going to list three of the most common excuses we hear from people for not getting their workout in, and how to kick those negative thoughts out of your life and get exercising!

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