Daily Full Body Stretches

Exercises For Belly Fat – How To Get Flat Abs

Lots of guys today want to get flat abs. This article gives vital tips on just how to do it.

The Secret to Fitness Success Is 6 Inches!

Since 2009 I have been working out on a consistent basis. I have seen or read about so many success stories! Even my story up to this point has been a success, 20 lbs later I am feeling and looking better (despite this back injury). I and all the people who are featured in these success stories all do the same thing, we use a workout routine we like and clean nutritional habits. These two aspects must happen! Having said this, the biggest change we all have made has been the “6 inches” between our ears! This is the secret to our success! I am going to share what I believe. most people need to understand and master for you to ‘feel’ your success. These mental skills will power you through your road blocks!

Fitness Tip: The Best Time To Workout

So, today I’ll talk about the best time of the day to workout.   I will not get into scientific details about how your body does this better right after waking up or how it does that better after you’ve been up for while type of stuff.  Instead, I’ll stick to how I usually give out my info, plain and simple, easy to understand, ok?

Triceps Workouts

Undoubtedly the most impressive muscle group of all belong in the arms, now most of those reading this now will instantly think of the Biceps. In fact, the first muscle you would flex in response to the question ‘show me your muscles’ would be the Biceps, the only decision to be made would be whether or not to go with the casual one arm Bicep pose or the Double Biceps pose. It is the less popular, yet larger and more powerful muscle group, the Triceps which of course I am talking about when promoting the Human body’s most impressive muscle…

Smart Fitness Goals For The New Year

‘I just want to get toned’ is a fitness goal rooted in misconception, therefore unattainable. Spot reduction is 100% impossible, and lifting heavier weight loads will not cause you to bulk up. Let’s clear up these myths, so you can get down to business of improving your physical fitness level for overall health.

Vertical Jump Programs – Which Of Them Should You Choose?

There are various vertical jump programs out there. Learn how to know which among them will provide you the best service and excellent results.

Core Centered Water Workouts

It seems like no matter how much you exercise, your core could always use an extra workout or two. In order to have a fighting chance against that pesky extra belly fat, you need to rev up your heart rate AND work those deep inner abdominal muscles.

Best Workout Tips

If you want to lose weight, there are many ways to it. A fairly large number of people opt for exercise which is indeed a very useful and effective method. Deciding as to what should be the intensity of the workouts, what workouts to include, how much time to spend on each set etc.

Outside Workouts Rock

Outside workouts offer a variety of benefits you can’t get exercising inside. In this article, you’ll discover why you should take your fitness outside.

How To Get A Tight Butt and Firm Thighs In 3 Moves

This article focuses on three of the best, and often overlooked, exercise moves to help you develop a tight butt and firm thighs. You’ll also find out what to stop wasting your time on at the gym if you want results that people notice.

Healthy Fitness for Men: How to Get Fit!

Many people have decided to live healthier than ever before and started the journey comprising physical exercise and proper eating habits in order to get rid of excess weight. Besides an appropriate fitness program, losing weight requires a specific state of mind. Consider your own motives and find these in you, because you are the one who has to exercise or eat proper food to get desired results.

Heart Rate Zone Training

How to burn fat and increase fitness by incorporating heart rate zone training into your workouts. This article covers the correct heart rate zones to target in order to get the best benefits from your training, which energy systems are being used to fuel your workout and how to make it happen in and out of the gym. By using this method of training you’ll take the guess work out of your fitness training by following a workout that gets the fastest results which you’ll stick to.

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