Daily Morning Stretch After Waking Up

The Truth About Losing Weight and Getting Firm Abs

There seems to be a common misconception that dieting and losing weight has to be hard. People assume that it’s a very complex task to lose weight around your midsection and get firm abs. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Benefits of Stretching – Tips and Guidelines

What is stretching and why should we do it? Stretching is done by performing certain exercises in order to increase flexibility around particular joints of the body by using a controlled force to lengthen the muscle and connective tissues. When the body’s joints and muscles are taken near the limit of their range of motion, a ‘stretch reflex’ occurs, which means that the muscle that is being stretched will automatically contract in order to prevent excess lengthening and potential injury to the joint or muscle.

Keeping Fit While You Travel

Travel is fun and exciting but whether it’s for business or pleasure it can take its toll on your fitness levels. It just takes a little effort to squeeze in some regular activity which will make you feel better and energise you especially if travelling means you are attending busy meetings, under extra stress, not eating or sleeping well. Always plan ahead by checking out if the hotel has a pool, health club, or exercise room.

What Are Pre-Workout Boosters and What Do They Do?

So, after taking care of all your household chores and other daily obligations, you finally have some time for a workout. The problem is that you may no longer have enough energy for it. Most people are regularly faced with pressures from both their work and their home, and you usually have to deal with time constraints day in and day out. For this reason, you are likely to be too tired to do anything else but sleep when you do get some time for yourself. Well, then, you will surely be pleased to know that there are several natural compounds that have the ability to boost your energy levels, thus allowing you to perform a good workout even at the end of a tiring work day. Even better news is that some of these compounds also aid in the natural fat-burning process of your body! And as is often the case, some enterprising individuals have recognized the potential of these natural compounds and combined some of them into products known as pre-workout boosters.

5 Reasons Why Weight Training Is Far Better Than Cardio

Why is weight training a better choice for fat loss and weight reducing? Because it builds muscles, and strong muscle mass is needed to achieve long and lasting fat loss and weight reduction.

Help! My 12 Year Old Wants Six Pack Abs!

I got a Facebook message from a friend the other day that her 14 year old daughter was now on the quest for six pack abs. That led me to go online and conduct some research to see what was out there in terms of advice for parents concerned about their children’s obsession with six pack abs and advice geared toward this age group to support them on this quest. What I found made me a little sick.

Love Me Some Kickboxing

Today’s article is about one of my FAVORITE workout modalities ever… kickboxing. I think the main reason I love it so much is that there is a sense of empowerment and strength embodied by the workout.

Foods That Will Help To Flatten Your Abs Without Diet And Exercise

It has been researched and found that there are certain foods that will help to flatten your abs without diet and exercise. This is because the foods that fight belly fat keep you from feeling bloated and gassy because they promote healthy digestion or help to eliminate water weight. Water retention and bloating are some of the common reasons that many have stomachs that appear bigger than they should be.

Thigh Exercises Women Can Do at Home

It can be difficult for a woman to get rid of fat from the thighs but it is not impossible to do so. What is required are the right exercises and a healthy diet for a woman to get rid of fat from the thighs. This could take some a few months.

The Ultimate 5 Minute Boot Camp

For a total body cardio conditioning and strengthening, perform the following exercises in this particular order for 40 seconds of continuous workout and 20 seconds rest in between each boot camp exercise. This is an awesome workout if you only have a few minutes to fit into your day, heck you can even do this work out right after you wake up and before bed (that’s if you want to get 10 minutes worth of exercise in). And once you become acclimated to this boot camp routine, maybe you can do it as a warm right before a strenuous activity….

5 Abdominal Exercises You Can’t Live Without

It never fails. We are constantly searching for the quick fix to flat, sexy abs. What’s the Hollywood secret?

Tips to Stay Fit In Spite of a Busy Work Schedule

Life has become busy and fast which causes you to neglect your health. On an average, most people spend six to eight hours sitting on their table in front of the computer in their office. The other sixteen hours are spent on eating, sleeping and other activities. In this hectic lifestyle, you forget to maintain your health and fitness. But a healthy mind and body is very essential to work efficiently. The following tips are useful in maintaining your fitness:

Why You Should Exercise Daily

Everywhere you go, you hear about the importance of exercise. Advertisements come in the mail, magazines have articles on the subject, websites and even billboards. They emphasize the importance of regular exercise.

How To Gain Muscle

If you’re skinny and have difficulties gaining muscle then you’re a hardgainer. Your training, nutrition and rest patterns are unique. Here is my 3 step recipe to gain muscle… even when you’re a hardgainer.

Tips to Overcome Health Issues Arising From a Sedentary Lifestyle

One of the major difficulties faced by the technologically and industrially advanced modern world is the problem of a sedentary life. Due to excessive lack of physical activity, we have entered into a ‘couch potato’ syndrome. Inactivity leads to heart related problems such as atherosclerosis and other chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, high levels of blood pressure and cholesterol, orthopedic and respiratory diseases. Including an exercise regime and a healthy diet in your daily life is advisable.

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