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George St Pierre Workout Routine – How to Train Like a Champion MMA Fighter

George St Pierre (GSP) is a Welterweight Champion MMA Fighter. Discover how he stays in shape and top of his game.

Weekly Workout Plan – Revolutionary New Method To Eat Before And During Your Workout For Staying Fit

Exercise is important if you want to stay fit and lose weight, but it won’t help you to exercise if you don’t eat correctly. Eating properly will help you to burn more calories and get fit faster. Learn some of the basics of how to eat properly for maximum efficiency when working out so that you can make the most out of your workout routine.

Build Your Torso With the Reverse Grip Curls Exercise

Reverse Grip Curls is an effective resistance training exercise that helps build your torso. Perform this exercise at least twice a week to strengthen your back and increase the size of your biceps.

Obesity Gene Effect Cancelled Out By Doing Exercise

Now here’s a reason to get up and get active in the New Year. A new bit of research finds that even if you have the obesity gene all is not lost, you can fight back by doing exercise.

Ryan/Wyden Medicare Plan

We can preserve the promise of Medicare for future generation of Americans by offering them a choice of health plans. This would bring about free market mechanisms that could help to control costs? In addition, offering rewards in the form of lower premium payments to eligible Medicare applicants who maintain good health habits and thus present at application and beyond with fewer health risks would add another cost control mechanism that could bring down Medicare costs and preserve the long term viability of this vital social program. The time has come to reward those who pursue health improvement strategies like exercise and weight control.

Zumba Fitness – Does It Work?

Zumba Fitness – does it really work? This fitness program has been present now in over 35 countries world wide and used by millions.

Fitness and Health: Better Together

If you are looking to lose weight and get into shape, an emphasis on both fitness and health is crucial. So, how do you begin? Here are some ways how.

An Introduction To Core Stability

Having core stability means much more than having abs. Core stability is vital to overall movement and good posture. To find out the benefits of core stability as well as exercises to improve this read on.

5 Exercises to STOP Doing Now!

Many people new to exercise can tend to see someone in the gym, assume they are performing the right activities and copy their exercises. If you do this you need to be wary that they are the right exercises for you! Here are the top 5 exercises to avoid doing, have a read.

Boot Camps – Do They Do More Harm Than Good?

Every day more and more people are turning to military style fitness boot camps in an effort to get fitter and lose weight. They may seem like good value for money but could they doing more harm than good?

Fitness Goals: Getting the Best Out of Yourself

Fitness goals are something on just about everyone’s mind come the late part of any year. This is where you see numerous people start flooding into the once nearly empty gyms.

Benefits of Dance

If you are looking for an activity that is fulfilling from a physical and emotional standpoint, that is accessible for all ages and with limited free time, consider enrolling in a dance class. This article outlines just some of the dozens of benefits.

Get Fit Tough! How to Go From Where You Are At to Become Powerfully Fit – Part 2

Going from an average fitness level to more advanced stuff will take some dedication. You can stay where you’re at or take on the challenge. That’s up to you. Just make sure you’re ready physically and mentally.

Get Fit Tough! How to Go From Where You Are At to Become Powerfully Fit – Part 1

Getting fit is important for overall health. You can start from anywhere and reach ever high levels of fitness. Just simply challenge yourself as increasing levels each day.

A List Of Successful Fitness Tips

Good physical fitness means maintaining a healthy body that works the way it should, as well as maintaining a healthy state of mind. Reaching a good level of fitness helps an individual both mentally and physically. When you have trouble getting in shape, the tips in this article can help you.

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