Do These Stretching Exercises Every Morning!

Common Beta Alanine Side Effects

What is beta alanine (BA) and what are the common beta alanine side effects? This informative article sets out to answer your questions.

This Abs Workout Will Have Them Drooling Over Your Sexy Body And You Won’t Have To Do A Single Situp

How can you get those sexy abs without a bunch of boring situps? While hard core bodybuilders often designate a day each week for focused and intense ab workouts, you don’t need to do that. Just like gymnasts, you can work them a little every day and see magnificent results. Follow this routine as part of your overall workout, and you will have many admiring your rippling midsection at the beach.

Bodybuilding – Important Secrets To Build Muscle Fast

Important Muscle Building secrets that are used by the most of bodybuilding experts. Reading this article will help you to improve your bodybuilding plan and get a better shape in a very short time.

2 Pre-Workout Muscle Building Tricks

It seems like everyday I have to explain the same basic principles of physiology over and over again. Most of the most common misconceptions and mistakes have been passed around and overheard in gyms and health clubs for so long, they are tough to kill. If building muscle is your goal, make up your mind to base your actions on what we have studied and know about the human body.

An Introduction to Whey Protein – Which Is Best?

The greatest protein for creating muscle is easily Whey. Whey isolates in particular are probably the best whey protein for constructing muscle, because it’s protein in its rawest form. Whey isolates are an awesome 95% to 100% pure protein. Providing you with 100% pure amino acid for both muscle development and restoration. Whey doesn’t have to be too pricey in this day and age, either.

How Can Women Gain Weight!

If you have just decided to start building muscle and if you have never done it before, you need to understand that you are a beginner and you are not going to be able to do some of the same things that someone who is intermediate or advanced will be doing. The number one question in today’s muscle building the upper classes is How to  build muscle  mass and keep it. If you have ever experimented with bodybuilding, weightlifting or weight training you know this diligence is full of muscle building books and information.

Get Out of the Gym

A brief article on exercising at home with minimal equipment and less cost. We can ditch the cost of gym memberships that never get used, personal trainers that only want more money and crowded workout spots that waste your time.

The Top Five Shoulder-Training Mistakes and How to Correct Them

MISTAKE #1: overemphasizing front delts. All delt heads do not work equally, and the one that typically carries the heaviest load is the anterior. Your front delts are not only primary movers during overhead presses, they’re also secondary movers during chest and triceps workouts, helping during presses and dips. If you’re doing front raises in addition to a lot of shoulder, chest and tri compound lifts, you’re likely overworking your front delts.

Vegan Body Building Diet

As we all know, diet for body building requires a lot of protein, carbohydrates and fat in order to cater the body needs after heavy workouts. Most sources of protein can be found in meat, this goes the same for fat. This kind of diet is not suitable for vegetarians who wanted build muscle as they do not consume meat for their daily meal. However, this does not mean that vegetarians are not able to have all the nutrients that they need to build muscle by eating vegan food. Here are some tips for vegetarian’s diet in muscle building.

Alcohol And Muscle Growth – 5 Effects Of Alcohol On Muscle Growth

Have you always wondered what’s going on when it comes to alcohol and muscle growth? Well here are 5 effects it has on your muscle gaining quest.

How to Properly and Safely Lift Dumb Bells to Successfully Build Muscle and Gain The Mass You Want!

If you are looking to add muscle to your body it’s going to take the right amount of weight gain and the right amount of hard work to get it accomplished. It doesn’t mean that you have to go to a gym as long as you provide your body with the right kind of resistance that it requires to add muscle. However, you need to understand there simply is no short cuts you can take to add muscle. There is no special diet, no special pill or fancy formula that’s going to work. The only way to do it is to lift weights on a regular basis.

The Machine Principle: Training for Function, Performance and Longevity

When you hear the word “machine,” what do you think of? Probably a goofy robot, or a mechanical arm, or maybe your car, but certainly not your body. Well, it’s time you started. Did you know that one of the definitions of the word “machine” is an intricate natural system or organism, such as the human body?

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