Do This Morning Stretches Every Day!

The Single Best Exercise You Can Do

The title of ‘Number One Exercise’ is a pretty big one but hopefully after reading this article you will only be able to agree with me. There are thousands of exercises you can do to give you great results but in my experience this exercise yields the BEST results. This exercise is the good old SQUAT.

Misconceptions of Senior Exercising

Whether in attempts to maintain personal safety or due to the warnings of concerned family and friends there are some common misconceptions of senior exercising. There is no reason the elderly can’t work out as effectively as everyone else. Following are five delusional reasons seniors can’t exercise and the reality of each fallacy.

Do 10 Minute Workouts Work?

The moral of the story is you need to pick a workout schedule that fits your goals. It needs to fit your schedule too. There are no magic pills (not legal ones at least) or quick fixes. You are going to get out of your workouts exactly what you put into them. Live Fit, Be Fit…

Good Purchase or Waste of Money? The Things You Need and Things You Don’t When Getting Into Shape

If you want to get into shape then you will notice that there are all manners of products and services out there that claim to be able to help you do so. From various torturous looking training devices to all kinds of chemical cocktails, there is no shortage of industry surrounding fitness and no shortage of ways to fast track your training. Of course though not all of these are as effective as each other and some of them are plain wastes of cash.

You Are Not Too Overweight To Start Exercising

Being overweight is a serious problem and recent studies show that a significant percentage of the population is actually obese. If you are one of these people, it doesn’t matter how you got to be this way, what matters is that you are now committed to taking off those unhealthy pounds and improving your health.

Get Your Summer Body Now

With Spring officially in full swing, its time to boost your workout and get your body in shape for summer. As summer vacations and barbecues fast approach, so does hot weather and swimming suits or lighter clothing. It can take 6-10 weeks to start seeing real results from an exercise regimen, and most of those early changes aren’t even visible. So the time to start is NOW!

Metabolic Conditioning: Achieving Two Fitness Goals With One Workout

Exercise is meant to help us achieve a level of fitness that keeps our bodies healthy and lean for a long time. But, the question most of us have is, “What is the best way to do that?

Get Fit Now!

For so many of us when we get divorced, we find ourselves in less than stellar physical condition. It’s natural, right?

How to Instantly Achieve a Flat Tummy

Here is a very easy guide to help you flatten your tummy in an instant. In this article you will be provided with facts that will not only help you flatten your tummy, but will also improve your lifestyle.

Enhancing Your Abdominal Exercise Routine With the Right Equipment

If you’re looking to improve on your abdominal exercise regimen with the right type of exercise equipment, there are a range of choices available for the at-home gym. If you would like to go beyond the standard crunches you might wish to incorporate several of the different exercise aids which are likely to keep you motivated and achieve a more chiseled stomach area.

The Secret Formula for Weight Loss

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to eat a little bit better, lose a little weight and/or feel a little healthier you might have been looking at what you’re eating and maybe have made a decision that you need to make some changes. And, let me tell you that I think that’s AWESOME!

Overcoming the “I Hate to Exercise” Excuse

I am by no means a fitness instructor, nutritionist, or yoga master… but I am passionate about eating right and fitting in a daily dose of exercise to make us all feel better about ourselves. Besides, if mom isn’t happy then NO ONE gets to be happy! I do take time for myself and then I can take care of the rest of the world. Here is my advice on trying to get some daily goodies (nutrition/faster heart beats) into that precious 24 hour window!

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