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P90X Review – The Benefits And Advantages Of This Program

If you’ve ever wondered why P90X has over 500,000 Facebook fans and has sold over 4 million copies, wonder no more. Learn what makes this program unique and the advantages it has over it’s competitors. And if your already well acquainted with P90X, check out what’s on the horizon as a sequel!

Body Fat Percentage: Common Methods to Calculate Body Composition

Body fat, especially around the abdomen, also called central obesity is associated with raised blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome. Thus, there is a need, more than ever before, to know your body composition before initiating an exercise program or indeed to monitor your progress.

How to Jump Higher – Side Effects of Drugs to Athletes

Vertical sportsmen such as basketball players, footballers, martial artists, bodybuilders, boxers and other active bodies need not resort to any performance enhancing substance to improve their athletic performance. How to jump higher within their chosen field of sports calls for an appropriate vertical training program. The use of drugs such as anabolic steroids otherwise referred to as anabolic androgen steroids is currently discouraged in exercises and sports. The obvious reason is due to the side effects of these drugs that can cause permanent damage to the athletes.

Tone Up Your Body With Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic floor exercises can provide many benefits to health. You do need to work on toning up your inner muscles as well as your more visible ones.

What Exercise Burns The Most Belly Fat?

Do you really want to know what exercise burns the most belly fat? So you look in the mirror and see bulges beneath your shirt. You look at the TV and it’s showing you lean, fabulous bodies.

Why Diets Don’t Work!

We live in a day and age where being physically fit is a goal for most. Most people associate self worth with appearance, and in turn look to fitness models, bodybuilders, and the like as being the picture of perfection in health and fitness. Some people even take drastic measures when it comes to weight-loss, gaining muscle, or trying to lose body fat.

Increase Your Weight Loss by Lifting Weights

One of the most important parts of losing weight and being healthy is regular exercise. Starting a weight training routine is a great start to improving your health. This article will give advice on a beginner’s weight training routine that will help in your fitness and weight loss goals.

Four Simple Yet Effective Ab Workouts

Chances are you probably already know some ab workouts and you’ve probably done a couple to get yourself a flat, lean stomach or even a six pack. The one people are most familiar with is the ab crunches. And while they are effective, there are other ab workouts that are as simple and effective and can give your workout program more variety.

What’s Stopping You From Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals?

I will never lose weight! I can’t keep it off! It’s hard to eat right!

Motivation to Exercise: Getting Going With Getting Fit

Sometimes we just aren’t motivated to exercise, even though we know we should. Learn how to increase your motivation to exercise with the model for self motivation. It’s a simple skill anyone can learn. There’s no better time than now.

What to Expect From a Fitness Boot Camp Workout!

Have your gym workouts gotten stale? Are you looking for challenging, guided workouts in a team atmosphere? Fitness boot camp might be what you are looking for! Read more to find out what to expect in a boot camp workout.

Couch Potato to Exercise Lover in 21 Days

For every American adult you see running, cycling or power walking outdoors or sweating it out at the gym, another two are busily into their routine as couch potatoes. Each of the latter probably have an original excuse: a childhood belief that exertion causes heart attacks; a visceral distaste for sweating; humiliation by an insensitive personal trainer; or being way too busy with work and parenting.

Finish At The Wall

Recently I spent a 3 day weekend pretty much locked in a room with a huge group of other awesome Fitness Professionals and World Class Speakers. On a number of occasions the analogy of facing walls or obstacles came up and ways in which to overcome them in whatever situation was discussed. But this time, I want to highlight an issue to those people exercising or training in fitness for a specific goal and when it’s really important, in fact it’s imperative that you finish AT the Wall, infact you need to work so hard you SMASH into it..!

The Truth Regarding Metabolic Resistance Training

What the heck is this new style of workout that fitness experts are calling “Metabolic Resistance Training”? Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) workouts are advanced fat burning sessions that are a hybrid-fusion of bodybuilding set and rep schemes with an interval training twist all in a total body workout system.

Your Most Important Six Months

How long does it take to get in shape? A while, really. But it will not seem that long after you have done it.

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