Dumbbell Chest Workout (No bench needed)

10 Stretching Tips To Start Using Today

Stretching is an important part of any fitness plan. Proper stretching helps you maintain and improve your flexibility, improve balance, ease muscle tension, relieve stress and help you to recover quickly from your workouts. Many people fall into the trap of thinking they don’t need to stretch and that their time would be better spent on the higher calorie burn phase of their routine.

The Keys To Preventing Injuries In Kettlebell Training

Preventing injuries in kettlebell training does not have to be complicated. Whether you’re a trainer or someone training with kettlebells this article will share the keys to preventing injuries to make sure your training remains productive.

Why Should I Exercise?

Exercise burns your extra fat and keeps you in the ideal weight range. But, more important is the fact that exercise keeps you healthy.

Exercise Can Be So Enjoyable

Exercise – everyone seems to be talking about it these days. Whether you are passionate about it or you drag yourself to do it, it is necessary for good health. Exercise can actually be fun and enjoyable. Let’s make exercise enjoyable.

What Is the Best Ab Workout for a Flat Stomach?

You’ve experimented with quite a few workouts, and you’ve managed to make decent progress in building some muscle by lifting weights and working out hard either at home or in the gym. “Not too bad,”–you think to yourself–“but if only I had a flatter stomach… ” You reason that if there were workouts that helped you improve other parts of your body, then there must be an ideal ab workout for a flat stomach, right? Let me briefly explain to you how ab muscles work, which will lead us to the simple yet frequently overlooked solution that helps you finally see that six pack in the mirror.

What to Wear for Triathlon Training and Racing

When it comes to competing in a triathlon, the last thing you need to worry about is what to wear, right? Wrong! Choosing your triathlon kit and packing your triathlon transition bag can be a challenging part of the sport and one that very few train for! There’s nothing worse than training towards a big race, only to find that your kit doesn’t perform on the day or that you’ve forgotten to pack your cycling shoes.

GSP RushFit Basic Overview and Success Strategies

GSP RushFit is in the hot zone of online and offline buzz mostly due to the MMA workout popularity growth. This article looks at the specifics of the program and provides 2 basic but vitally important strategies to get your best results.

The New Rules of Fitness (Part 2)

This is an inside look at what is working now as of 2013 in regards to cutting edge fitness techniques. I am currently using these with all my clients and know that you to can implement these and begin to see dramatic results and feel better than ever in the process.

Why Kettlebells? Reason 3 – Increased Work Capacity

Work capacity is not a term frequently used in western fitness. I tend to see work capacity as the ability to perform movement/movements for extended periods of time, under load, over and over, without fatigue or breakdown in form. It’s basically the intersection where weight lifting meets cardiovascular endurance. The key term here is “under load”. As I’ve mentioned before, our modern fitness society places entirely too much emphasis on cardiovascular exercise…

The Many Benefits of a Treadmill

The benefits of a treadmill can not be overlooked by those looking to keep their bodies in great condition. The treadmill has a number of serious health benefits that can not be overlooked. Here are just a few of them.

The Most Effective Exercises to Slim Down and Tone Up

Congratulations to all those who made it part of their new year’s resolutions to get fitter this year and an even bigger congratulations to all those who are managing to stick to it. Even if you’ve slipped up on your resolution to get fit, don’t feel too despondent. Every day is a new day to start afresh and, starting today, I’ll be bringing you regular posts revealing the most effective exercise routines to slim down and tone up to ensure that you are well on your way to getting the fabulous body you have desired in no time at all! So, whether you are an avid keep fit fanatic or a complete novice, whether you have been keeping up with your new year resolution to get fit or fallen of the treadmill wagon, all of the routines and advice on my fitness and health pages will be applicable and beneficial to everyone wanting to see the best results. Enjoy and stay beautiful!

Online Dating and Its Fitness Benefits

It can be hard trying to get out of bed in the morning to exercises, especially when it is cold and wet. Knowing that someone is waiting for you and will hold you accountable can often make the difference between hitting snooze and putting on your jogging shoes. Fitness articles are always saying that the chance of sticking to a new fitness program is much higher if you have a buddy to work out with.

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