Dumbbell Tricep Skullcrusher Form Tips!

You Gotta Stretch

I discovered what happens when you do not focus on all areas of your fitness. By not doing yoga and stretching I lost some of my flexibility, so you gotta stretch.

Ripped Muscle – Can Be Yours

The body’s muscles respond to resistance and physical demands, it doesn’t matter where you exercise but only that you do exercise and build muscle mass. Pop quiz: What’s the difference between a commercialized, cookie-cutter gym and a home gym? The answer: Nothing. Not that your muscles would notice.

Tips to Fight Lower Back Pain With Exercise

There is probably no pentagenarian on the planet who hasn’t experienced some sort of back pain. Most first ignore it and then run to the orthopedist’s chamber when it gets worse. Backache is one of the most common reasons to visit a doctor worldwide. It can range from common neck pain to mid or lower back discomfort to pain in the sacral spine around the hip. Lower back pain is the most dreadful of this lot. It can keep you bedridden for days if ignored and not treated for long.

Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness on the Road

When you travel for work it can be hard to keep on track regarding fitness and wellness. Following the suggestions listed can help.

Reflexology and the Best Exercise

In today’s article, I’m going to talk about the most basic and the simplest exercise that can be done by young and old alike. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity – it could be an Olympic event.

Get Better At Pull Ups – Go From Doing 5 to 20

If you can only do around 5 pull up. Here is a great plan to get you doing 20 pull ups or more.

Firefighter Forever Fitness

Health and fitness go hand in hand with firefighting and working out is a must to become an efficient firefighter. It is a profession where you are working under extremes and to not be ready means you didn’t take your oath to protect and serve the masses seriously.

High Jump Training Tips – Plyometrics

Your jumping ability can be improved with the proper training. High jump training and plyometrics will be very beneficial to your fitness goals.

Can Shake Weight Really Help Me Get Strong Arms Without Bulking Up?

You may already know that to get big, bulky arms, you need to lift weights (or spend a lot of time doing what the bodybuilders refer to as “pumping iron”) along with some other strategies, both in nutrition and exercising. Results take quite a long time – sometimes several months.

What Level Of Training Does It Take To Be A MMA Fighter?

What do you do when you go to the gym? Lift a few hand weights? Run a little bit on the treadmill? If you want to train hardcore you’ll need to come up with something a little better than that! I recently found out how MMA fighters spend their time in the gym. You have to check this out!

Workout Tips – Discover 5 Steps To Workout And Lose Weight

It is impossible to lose weight and get in to shape without learning what exercises actually work. You need a proven system that works, including cardio, weightlifting and stretching. The more you understand how to workout the better the results with less injury.

The 4 Best Muscle Building Tips

The muscle building tips shared in this article have a history of proven success. It is impossible to separate a proper diet from working out properly if your goal is to build up your muscle strength.

Top Five Exercises for Every Athlete

Athletes need workouts that promote cardiovascular health, endurance, strength, and agility. Whether it’s on or off-season, a regular exercise routine is essential for peak physical performance and a high quality of life. The following is a list of workouts that any athlete can use to stay in shape and reach their physical goals.

Speed Strength Training – To Be Fast, You Need To Be Strong First

You will need what is called Speed Strength Training to get to be as quick as lightning. To explain Speed Strength Training it is first necessary to explain the nature of strength. There are many people who are naturally strong but for most of us, strength is a learned skill in which we have to condition our central nervous system and motor units to become stronger by using resistance training.

How To Make The Most Of Your Exercise Regime

Constructing an efficient and time managed workout in the most effective way to benefit fully physically but also in a mental capacity. During the course of a regular exercise regime it is evident that motivation before and during exercise can diminish, resulting in a sub standard performance which subsequently compounds the motivational issue.

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